Finding Balance as Moms and Small Business Owners

. July 19, 2016.

Kelsey Heitkamp



Kelsey Heitkamp Interior Design, Van Buren
Husband: Brad
Mom to Avery, 11, Kamden, 8, Casten, 6, and Henley, 2

After having her third child, Kelsey Heitkamp realized she was juggling too much between working full time, having kids in school/activities and home life. Although she loved her job as an interior designer, she decided to leave to focus on her family. She took on a few design projects from home and then decided to open her own design company, KHID. Kelsey says, “My kids get my attention first. They have the comfort of mom being at home but I’m able to work and maintain my identity and skill set.” Some of Kelsey’s design projects include The Bourbon Affair, Findlay Women’s Care and Gateway Church.

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Stephanie Robb


Stephanie Robb Photography, Findlay
Husband: Josh
Mom to Noah, 6, Sawyer, 3, and Malachi, 18 months

Stephanie Robb is a local photographer and mom of 3. When she first started her photography business she shot a number of subjects, but found her passion in photographing weddings and high school seniors. As a mom of young children she is careful to allot her time during the week. “I only shoot 3 days a week and possibly a wedding on Saturday. Sundays are always set aside for home and family.” Stephanie’s business has grown more than she ever expected. She anticipates photographing 17 weddings and 40-50 seniors this year!

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Cortney Mumaugh



Little Monkey Kitchen, Columbus Grove
Husband: Trevor
Mom to Alexia, 5, Adalina 5, and Ruxen, 20 months

When Cortney Mumaugh’s son developed an allergy to dairy she had to learn how to bake treats that tasted good and were safe for her family to eat. She recognized a  local need for allergy-friendly baked goods and began selling her creations at a local shop and on Facebook. Baking at home has allowed Cortney to help families with food allergies enjoy “normal” food while providing her flexibility in setting her own schedule. Cortney bakes gluten, dairy, egg, and soy free treats and delivers locally. When Cortney says her products are kid-approved, she means it “my kids are my taste testers.”


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Lauren Girdler



Lifestyle and Success Coach, Findlay
Husband: Nick
Mom to Nicholas, 3, and David, 1

Lauren Girdler is cheerleader for women in business. She has been successful in direct sales since college and after working with a business coach herself, knew it was the career move she wanted to make. “I want to help women spend more time with their kids, make more money, and become hugely successful.” Lauren works from home an average of 15 hours per week; video conferencing with clients around the world, helping them create thoughtful action steps to build their businesses and maximize their time. Working from home has allowed Lauren to spend quality time with her young sons while providing for her family.

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Nicole Bruskotter



Naturals by Nicole, Findlay
Husband: Mike
Mom to Jackson, 6, and Lincoln, 2

Nicole Bruskotter’s desire for a natural, chemical free alternative to traditional skin care lead her to experiment with making her own cleansers, skin care products, and bug spray. She began making lotions using organic, raw ingredients, along with essential oils and shared them with friends. The response was extremely positive! Nicole began selling her products at Hot Yoga Studio, Wellness Studio and on her Facebook page. Nicole makes all of her products at home and, because they are natural, they are safe to make around her kids. “I enjoy offering people natural, cost effective products that can be customized to their needs”

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