Findlay Native Kieron Cindric Paves Career Path with Passion

. October 1, 2016.
Findlay native and international actor, Kieron Cindric.
Photo Credit: Billy B PHOTOGRAPHY
Findlay native and international actor, Kieron Cindric. Photo Credit: Billy B PHOTOGRAPHY

There are some addictions in life that are worth not giving up.

Findlay native and international actor Kieron Cindric grew up with a strong exposure to the arts, especially in the areas of music, dance and performance, so it was very early on that he became hooked on this way of life. His parents gave him opportunities to attend a wide variety of live performances as a child and encouraged him to grow into a performer as a young St. Michael’s School student.

“I just became addicted to it,” said Cindric.

Now 30, Cindric has turned his love for the arts into a career. He performs at the international level, having toured for three years as a part of the cast of Beauty and the Beast. Tour sites have included Asia, Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore. He also has toured as a performer in A Chorus Line and recently appeared in the production, The Full Monty at the Columbus, Ohio Garden Theatre.

An Actor in the Making

Cindric fondly remembers a Christmas production as a third-grade student when he portrayed a gingerbread man and ran up and down the aisles during the show singing a RAP song. He went on to perform in the Music Man for Findlay Light House Opera and later many Findlay High School productions, his favorite and most diverse role being Bobby Child in the FHS production of “Crazy for You.”

Cindric continued to perform in college productions at Columbia University in New York where he majored in art history and French. Shortly before graduating in 2008, Cindric decided to audition for productions in the big city. After about four months and a dozen auditions, Cindric landed his first role in the production, “Underwear-A Space Musical.”

Cindric says the auditioning process is something you have to get used to and compares it to being part of a group of cattle herding or like a circus. You sign-in, wait, stretch, learn and perform dance combos, dance more, and sing more as the judges look at your headshots and resume.

“It feels great and validating when you make the cut,” Cindric said. “But it can feel like a lot of judgment if you don’t. The more you audition the less anxious you feel about that and the more you go to, you also increase your odds.”

A Winning Combination

Cindric believes his success in theater is due to both his attributes and parent support. “I am a well-rounded performer…there are probably a lot of men who have more beautiful voices, but when you combine my vocals, acting intuition and natural ability for dance I am marketable. I think I have auditioned against those with more training, but my level of performance quality has made me more desirable,” Cindric said.

“My parents and mom especially have been incredibly supportive of me. She has driven me all over the state to audition, made sure my finances were fine and helped with dance costs.”

When he isn’t busy performing, Cindric enjoys art, movies, visiting art museums and watching television. Cindric also paints, has written a collection of poems and has a children’s book in the works. He supplements his acting income with an online teaching job at Kaplan and has performed at children’s’ parties.

Cindric encourages those interested in acting to develop both perseverance and perspective. “I would encourage you gain as much performance opportunities as possible and also to attend shows to gain an audience perspective. Take dance classes and develop familiarity with movement. Diversify. And strike a balance between passion and keeping it fun.”