Head of the class

. January 1, 2018.

They say great administrators inspire creativity in teachers and passionate learning in students. Meet some of the superintendents and principals that make our local schools greats to learn.


Traci Conley

Vanlue Local School
301 S. East St., Vanlue

What is your mission for Vanlue Local Schools? Vanlue’s mission is “to instill in our students the desire to achieve at their potential.” Personally, this means to provide the students with a positive learning environment that allows them to achieve that potential and prepare them for the choices and challenges that they will face in society.

What inspires you each day? I am deeply inspired by the staff and students that I am privileged to work with every day. I enjoy talking with the students and seeing the inspiring things that are products of our learning environment.

How did you become interested in educational leadership? When I was teaching, I had a superintendent tell me that I should pursue a leadership position. Even though it was hard to leave the classroom, I took on that challenge as a principal for Vanlue and most recently took on the challenge as the superintendent.


Rosemary Rooker

Findlay Digital Academy
1219 W. Main Cross, Suite 101, Findlay

What is your mission for Findlay Digital Academy? The mission of Findlay Digital Academy is to inspire students to pursue their dreams by completing their education and earning a high school diploma from a high quality, state-approved institution through online instruction and individualized mentoring.

What inspires you each day? Each day, I am inspired by our students and our academic coaches. Many times, our students have a variety of barriers that they face, but because of the relationships and encouragement of their coaches, they continue to move forward in our program.

How did you become interested in educational leadership? Throughout my career, I have been blessed to work with various educational leaders who inspired me to work in Educational Administration. I have always felt that I was most effective in working with and supporting teachers to help facilitate change and provide quality programming for all students.


Edward Kurt

Findlay City Schools
1100 Broad Ave., Findlay

What is your mission for Findlay City Schools? Educating and empowering for life.

What inspires you each day? Working and making a difference in the lives of our students.

How did you become interested in educational leadership? I was in a tragic car accident in 1985 where I had significant injuries, along with my mother and father. My mother was killed in the accident due to a semi driver under the influence going left of center and hitting us. This accident changed my entire outlook on life. I knew I had to do something to make a difference in the world. My recovery was very long but I knew I had to get back to working with kids. I coached a 7th grade basketball team and loved working with the kids so I changed my major at The Ohio State University to Mathematics Education.

I graduated and became a math teacher and continued coaching. I knew I wanted to take on additional leadership responsibilities and make more of an impact on the youth I was working with. After teaching for five years I transitioned to Dean of Students and the Athletic Director and eventually progressed to Superintendent. I am in my 16th year as a Superintendent and continue to work for kids!


Adam Clark

Executive Director
TRECA Digital Academy
Northwest Regional Office
1793 Tiffin Ave., Findlay
888-828-4798, ext. 12306

What is your mission for TRECA Digital Academy? All students will have meaningful learning experiences despite the obstacles they face. We will prepare them for tomorrow by building relationships, removing barriers and making learning relevant.

What inspires you each day? Every day I am inspired by the dedication and passion of our staff. They will do anything for students and often go to great lengths to ensure that a student is successful. Students at TRECA have a wide variety of needs and our staff truly embody a ‘student first mentality.

How did you become interested in educational leadership? I have always had a natural passion for learning and personal growth. My career began as a teacher and I was fortunate to work with some inspiring leaders. That drove me to pursue a leadership position where I hope to inspire and guide other educators, as my mentors did for me.


Tim Myers

Van Buren Schools
217 S. Main St., Van Buren

What is your mission for the Van Buren Schools? The district’s mission statement is “Empowering Students Through One Team,” which represents the need for cooperation among the school staff and with the families of our students and our local community through respect, collaboration, integrity, responsibility, excellence, leadership and communication. My personal mission is to foster and facilitate these relationships to meet the needs of our students and to maintain a highly respected and successful school district.

What inspires you each day? The people of the Van Buren School District. Great students and staff that care about learning. Parents that support the school and a community that sets high expectations and is proud of their schools.

Why did you become interested in educational leadership? After 17 years of successful teaching and coaching I began work on my masters degree. I took a class in education administration and discovered a true passion for education leadership. Leaving the classroom was difficult, but I believed that I could make more of an impact on the learning and opportunities for all students rather than just the ones who were in my classroom.


Amy Holzwart

St Michael School
723 Sutton Place, Findlay

What is your mission for St Michael School?
The mission at Saint Michael School is for all of our
students to become faith-filled, life-long learners.

What inspires you each day? Every day I am inspired by the creative and dedicated staff that put so much of themselves into their lessons in efforts to reach each student. It is wonderful to walk through the hallways and classrooms to see the artistic and academic accomplishments of the students. One of my greatest joys is to celebrate mass with the students and see them lead the school masses by being servers, singers and readers.

How did you become interested in educational leadership? Since pursuing my undergraduate degree in education, I always thought that “someday” I would pursue an administration position. Two years ago I was encouraged by several co-workers to apply for the open Assistant Principal position. It was during that time that I felt I was, indeed, being called to transition from the classroom to an administrative role and thus went back to earn my master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Ohio Dominican. My “someday” became reality much sooner in my career than I ever thought it would, but God’s plan is certainly working out for me as I am so happy with my new position at Saint Michael School.


Mark Kowalski

Liberty-Benton Local Schools
9190 County Road 9, Findlay

What is your mission for Liberty-Benton Local Schools? We operate under the Carver Policy Governance Model so we don’t have a mission. My goals this year were simple: Improve student achievement/programs/operations, build trust and credibility in the community and be fiscally responsible.

What inspires you each day? We are faced with the challenge of taking our most precious commodity, our children, and teaching them the necessary skills that they need in order to have an enjoyable, productive and sustainable life.

Why did you become interested in educational leadership? A former superintendent, David Branch, suggested that I enter the field because he thought I possessed the necessary skills from my experience as a head coach.