Spring Break Funcation

. February 29, 2016.

These fun and easy stay-at-home activities make a list your kids won’t soon forget! Have your kids choose their favorites, or surprise them each day! Either way, it’s sure to make a fun week for all! 


  • Weather in Ohio is unpredictable, especially in the spring. All of these activities can be done indoors, come rain or snow!


Pom-pom Floor Race

Make a race course on the floor with masking tape. Grab a craft pom-pom and a straw for each player, and race to the finish line. When you’re tired of racing, it’s a new track for cars or trains! 


Lego Challenge

Print off some pictures of famous monuments, and challenge the kids to build them out of Legos or blocks. Some great ones to build include the Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, or the Great Pyramids of Egypt! 


Balloon Ninjas

Hang balloon ninjas from the ceiling and have your little warriors attack them with nerf guns or light sabers! 

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Write the ABCs on a piece of paper, and then give it along with a camera to your budding photographer. Tell them to find something that starts with every letter of the alphabet! 


Blanket Forts

This time-tested classic is still a favorite of kids everywhere. Set up card tables, grab a stack of sheets and blankets, and make the biggest most elaborate fort you can!


  • Let the kids have a picnic inside or watch a movie on a laptop/tablet to really make their day! 


Make Crafts

Sew a pillow, paint a painting, make a mosaic, or teach the kids to make “ransom notes” out of old magazines. Get those creative juices flowing! 


Teach Them a New Game

Pull out one of your old favorites from childhood – like Rummy, Euchre, or Solitaire. Then play one of their favorites with them! 


  • If the sun cooperates, these outdoor adventures will help beat cabin fever and get everyone outside! 


Neighborhood Cleanup

Grab a wagon, a trash can, and a pair of gloves and head out on a cleanup walk. Pick up trash around your neighborhood or your favorite park, and at the same time give your kids a valuable lesson about taking care of the environment! 


Go Star Gazing

Go outside and look at the stars – you might have to bundle up a little, but you don’t have to keep your kids up super late like in the summer. The full moon is on March 23rd if you want to check that out, too! 


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