The Birthday Guide












Food: Pixie Punch (pink lemonade), Forest Mix (chex mix), Fairy Wands (strawberries, cheese, and marshmallow on skewers), Butterfly Bread (peanut butter sandwiches cut like butterflies), Petal Cakes (cupcakes on which they sprinkled "fairy dust"–gold sprinkles)

Activities: Fairy sticker scenes, fairy lacing cards, decorated fairy wands, and stamped fairies were put on guests’ take-home bags as they waited their turn for face painting by Kirstene Adkins. After the face painting, each girl put on her wings and halos and played "Fairy Freeze" with music and dancing. Camille and Kristi also set up a fun fairy hunt for the girls. Professional Face Painting by "Art, me!", Kirstene Adkins, 419-306-4723

Decor: Indoor garden party

Party favors: Fairy sticker scenes, fairy lacing cards, wands, wings, and halos. The wings were from Halo Heaven and the halos were made from long strands of garland purchased at Hobby Lobby



















Food: Truth Serum (red Gatorade with labels attached), Mystery Pizza (pizza with pepperoni shaped into a question mark), Kaboom Apples (apples wrapped in black paper), Explosives (Cheetos and Doritos), Dynamite (red Twizzlers), Bomb Cakes (cupcakes with a chocolate donut and twizzler on top)

Invitations: Invitations were sent out with instructions to report to Secret Agent Training. They had code names, secret code words they had to decode, and secret handshakes. Upon arriving, each boy told Gabe the secret code and then did the secret handshake. They then went to their tables and completed fingerprint sheets and received their badges, which contained their code names.

Decor:  Black, white, and red. Kristi used red duct tape to look like lasers around the room.

Party favors: Badges, a few pages of Spy Paper, a small flashlight, Rear View Vision glasses, small nerf guns and candy from the piñata.

Activities: Their "mission" for the party was to complete a secret agent training. Each boy received a page in their spy folder with instructions for the mission. They had to decode secret messages, cross through lasers made from red yarn attached to chairs without touching them, play flashlight tag in the basement, use rear view sunglasses to read papers placed behind each guest, retrieve their tools for the next step from lasers that make an alarm if you cross them, knock down as many cups as possible placed on a stepladder with nerf guns, and knock down a “TNT” pinata.