Time is of the Essence with Expired Time Escape Games

. October 31, 2018.

Looking to spruce up game night with your friends and try something new? There’s more than just charades and tabletop games. Though the classic pastimes are still great fun, it may be time to try your hand— and brain— at a different challenge. Gather a group of friends and head to Expired Time Escape Games for a live adventure game of escape rooms.

After a year of research and a six-month opening process, owner Jason Teter made his vision a reality. In December 2017, the business introduced unique entertainment services.

“My wife and I love playing escape rooms whenever we travel,” Teter said, “we wanted to bring it to Findlay as another form of entertainment.”

Groups will have a blast solving the mysteries and teaming up to figure out an escape. It’s a perfect opportunity to bond, and create unforgettable memories with a game night that everyone will look forward to.

How it works

If you’ve never participated in a live-action escape room scenario, you’ll learn that teamwork is essential and time runs out quickly. Your group must work together to solve hints and clues that point towards a way out of the locked room. The catch is that you have just 60 minutes to solve it.

“It’s a great team-building exercise,” said Teter, mentioning that a lot of groups from corporate companies come in to test their teamwork skills.

If you have played in an escape room before, you know that the ticking clock builds up exhilarating suspense and tests collaboration. Currently, Expired Time offers three different themed rooms, with various difficulty levels.

“(The themes) are my creation,” explained Teter, “I try to pick a fun theme that people get excited about.” In particular, he mentioned the Sherlock Holmes room is fun for everyone, as anyone can enjoy role-playing as a detective.

Room themes and puzzles will change every nine months to one year so players can always look forward to a new game. A Christmas themed room, Naughty or Nice, is expected to open around mid November. Here are currently three featured rooms:

My dear Watson

Escape rate: 70%
Sherlock Holmes needs your help! He’s been captured by the same thief that he was investigating for stolen diamonds. Figure out who kidnapped him and where he was taken with clues left by Holmes. Get your thinking caps on and start acting like a detective.

Exit protocol


Escape rate: 40%
A top level CIA field office and its files are at stake in this escape room. The operative who has initiated exit protocol cannot be contacted and it’s up to you and your team to retrieve the top secret information and make sure the office is evacuated properly.

King Tut’s revenge


Escape rate: 55%
Since the opening of Tut’s sarcophagus and removal of his sacred scarab by British archaeologist Howard Carter in 1923, a curse has lingered and been brought upon anyone who enters the tomb. The only way to break the curse is to return the scarab, but Carter has kept it hidden. The sarcophagus has been locked too, so not only do you have to find the scarab, but a key as well. Will you lift the curse or be cursed?

$20 per person, per game.
Expired Time Escape Games, 1811 Tiffin Ave.
Wednesday-Friday 3:30-10pm, Saturdays noon-10pm,
and Sundays noon-6pm | 419-422-7580 | expiredtime.com