A little taste of China


You know you are in for a good meal when the restaurant suggests a to-go box before you even order.

We decided to try Ming’s Great Wall recently for lunch. My children are from China, which doesn’t necessarily mean they enjoy all Chinese food. They are discriminating when it comes to most food, including that of their homeland. They love a good egg roll as much as the next person, but they do have their own personal standards.

Those standards were met at Ming’s, 1535 Broad Ave. It’s a cash-only place where you can order at the counter and eat your meal at the tables if you choose. You can also call ahead for pick-up via the drive through window. We decided
to make a meal of it and sit in the Asian- themed dining room. The atmosphere is informal — orders are yelled back to the kitchen the old-fashioned way, and patrons pick up their own food and plastic silverware — but it’s the food that is Ming’s hallmark.

Upon ordering, the counter person suggested getting our meals in a to-go box so we can take home any leftovers. Good call! While we are used to generous portions with many restaurant meals, our orders filled the boxes almost to overflowing.

Ming’s offers three pages of menu items including chicken, beef, pork and seafood dinners, each ranging from $5 to $7 , as well as a few meatless options. Fried rice, soups, egg rolls and rangoons fill out the menu. Extras and sides include rices, vegetables, meats and sauces.

My youngest, a fourth-grade foodie, had been looking forward to trying lo mein for the first time, so she ordered the Shrimp Lo Mein ($6.50), which fea- tured unbreaded shrimp, vegetables and egg noodles. My older daughter, who doesn’t stray far from her favorites, ordered the Sweet & Sour Chicken ($5.25), a mix of breaded, deep-fried
chicken with vegetables and sauce. My husband ordered Great Wall Chicken ($5.25), unbreaded chicken and mixed vegetables in brown sauce. I chose the Vegetable Lovers offering ($4.99). Also shared by the others were a mix of egg rolls ($1.45 to $1.95 depending on the filling).

After about 10 minutes of eating, the conversation went like this. “I can’t eat anymore,” said one daughter. “It’s that good?” I ask. “Yeah,” she says. High praise indeed! While there are no desserts on the menu, it is an easy walk across the street to Steak and Shake to finish off the meal with ice cream — if you can. We all walked out with our to-go boxes partially filled, and commented that we had our fill but wanted the rest for later.

I did learn one thing while at Ming’s, however. I never really believed for- tune cookies. Mine said “you will trav- el far and wide, both for pleasure and
business.” Anyone who knows me knows I hate to travel — two trips halfway across the world with two babies did me in. One trip I will make in the future, however, is across town to Ming’s for more good Chinese food.

Ming’s Great Wall
1535 Broad Ave.
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 11am-9pm Friday & Saturday: 11am-9:30pm Sunday: 11am-8:30pm