Asian Fusion

. July 1, 2014.

Stix Restaurant

122 E. Sandusky St.
Findlay, OH 45840
Hours: 11am-2:30pm and 5-9pm Monday-Friday
5-10pm Saturday, Closed Sunday
Carry-out (no delivery) and catering available
Find them on Facebook and Instagram @stixfindlay

At Stix, a new “Asian fusion” restaurant which opened in April, my family was treated to delightful, uncharted tastes like seaweed salad, sake chicken and honey miso-glazed quail. It can be said assuredly,  that after our meal at Stix, we are officially free from our child-imposed culinary shackles.(The mandate that we must eat only where chicken fingers are on the menu is officially over!)

Owners Renz and Lala Salanga want patrons to enjoy something fresh and different, blending Asian tastes such as Thai, Japanese, Lao, Vietnamese, Mexican and Filipino into an invigorating dining experience. They purchase their food daily from local farms and markets to ensure  utmost freshness.

Dining in unfamiliar, enchanting territory

There is no kids menu at Stix but, while that can seem a little scary for parents when dining in unfamiliar territory, they are more than happy to tailor a meal for children. What I liked was that the Salangas worked with us as we were trying something new with the kids.

With that, our time at Stix became more than just a meal, it was a dining adventure. Instead of everyone placing their usual orders, we were trying each others’ food, having fun sampling new tastes, and making memories.

“A lot of times with Asian food, people think they should just pick it up and go, that it’s fast food,” Renz Salanga said. “That’s not how it has to work. We want people to bring their family and sit down and take their time to eat, to really enjoy it.”

The kids ended up splitting an order of sake chicken, breaded and served with a tangy sauce. My 8-year-old son valiantly ate and enjoyed it, avoiding the sauce as much as possible. I sampled the chicken and thought the whole package, especially the sauce, was delicious. Both children tried the egg rolls, which are phenomenal. Our 5-year-old daughter loved them.

To start, I ordered a seaweed salad, beautiful to just look at, arranged elegantly and so colorful. It was made up of organic greens, mandarin oranges, chopped mango, honey walnuts and a fig-balsamic vinegar dressing. The seaweed had a pleasurable, unique texture and the dressing complemented it all nicely. My son even tried the seaweed and both kids were happy to make sure no mango or oranges were left behind.

I also ordered the quail small plate, which came with seasoned brussel sprouts. I’m not sure that I’ve ever had quail, and when it arrived I was – amused – at the size of the petite bird, split in two and cooked to perfection. The quail was tender and juicy and the sauce sweet and flavorful.

My husband ordered the Hot Stone bibimbop with chicken, which is rice with assorted seasoned vegetables, and your choice of chicken, beef or tofu. Served in a hot stone bowl with an egg cracked on top, you stir the egg throughout the entree to cook and mix it. The bibimbop received high marks from my husband, as did the hot stone bowl.

Stix offers additional small plates as well as several entrees like pan-seared salmon, lemon-mirin rib eye and smoked duck breast. Tacos with chicken, pork belly, tofu or even cow’s tongue adorn the menu, and on Taco Tuesdays, they are only $2.

Stix’s menu will change often based on the fresh foods of the season. It also bears mentioning that while Stix does not serve alcohol, patrons can bring their own and they will refrigerate it for you.

As a family, we thoroughly enjoyed Stix. We can now eat anywhere, and I can’t wait to try more of the Stix menu. It seems everything is delicious, but one last tip: Should you visit, make sure you try the Elote, or mouth-wateringly seasoned corn. I’ve never had corn remotely like it – and don’t fret, they even provide dental floss in the restroom.