Baker's dozen

. September 27, 2012.

510 S. Blanchard St.
Open Mon. thru Fri., 7:30am-5:30pm

Walking into Findlay’s Bread Kneads Bakery & Deli, you are bathed in the beautiful smell of cookies, bread sticks, rolls and other sweet treats. But if you think Bread Kneads is merely carbohydrate heaven, you’d miss a large part of this Blanchard Street staple.

In addition to the bakery, which has become a part of the holiday season for many with its special order rolls and desserts, the deli offers a nice selection of sandwiches and salads. We’d always wanted to try their deli sandwiches, and it didn’t hurt that we could get great desserts as a bonus.

How could you not love a place that has a sweet roll schedule? Depending on the day, you can taste Orange Blossoms, Lemon Kisses, Cinnamon Twists and other goodies. It also has a bread schedule that includes whole wheat, cracked wheat and Italian loaves. The lunch chalkboard explains the sandwich and salad offerings that include ready-made sandwiches as well as custom creations, all of which range reasonably from $4.50 to $5.25. Salads, including garden, tuna and chicken, range from $3.50 to $5.95. Soup of the day can be a $2.25 cup or a $5.25 portion in – what else? – a bread bowl . All of the items can be eaten in-house or packaged to go for those on the run, and since it opens early that can include rolls and twists for breakfast.

Bread Kneads, 510 South Blanchard St., is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, so we made a special point to have a late lunch/early dinner – “linner” in our family.  My husband ordered his go-to sandwich of turkey and swiss. My younger daughter had roast beef and provolone cheese while my older daughter had turkey and ham with provolone cheese. I had a veggie sandwich with cheese.

The sandwiches hit the spot, but as we sat in the intimate dining section we eyed what makes Bread Kneads famous: Those goodies in the display cases. Kuchens (a German-style coffee cake), muffins, sweet rolls, cheesecakes, toffee bars, carrot cake and cookies tempted us as we finished up our sandwiches. There was much discussion about what to sample, so of course we tried a little bit of everything.

My girls insisted the sugar cookies were the fluffiest, softest cookies they’d ever tried. My husband said the carrot cake was just the right amount of sweet cake and creamy frosting.  I liked the crunchy breadsticks that would go with just about any meal, or as a little nosh anytime. Families may have difficulty finishing their meal before delving into desserts. But, why try? Have a sandwich at the tables and, if necessary, get your dessert to go. When you fall in love with one of the desserts – and you will – you can special order it for gatherings or just because. And, certainly, you can always go to Bread Kneads and have dessert first!

We are glad we didn’t forsake the deli when we visited Bread Kneads Bakery & Deli, while we were able to sample the bakery side at the same time. Bread Kneads has a sign inside that says “It’s all good.” And you know what? They’re right.