Calling All Sub Lovers

. May 1, 2014.

le to go wrong at Penn Station East Coast Subs. While there, each of us was treated to that shining moment when you stop, feel an urge to take another look at your food, and utter an honest, “Mmm.”

My 8-year-old son even gazed at the sub in his hand as if it couldn’t be real, and declared, “This is so awesome.”

Penn Station, a franchise restaurant, has been open on Tiffin Avenue for a about a year, said managing owner Philip Adkins. He said the restaurant’s motto is to have the freshest quality ingredients, and as many as possible are purchased locally.

“We hand-slice all of our deli meats and vegetables twice everyday,” Adkins said. “We only prep enough for lunch and then do it again for dinner. Our goal is to run out of product everyday – that way we know everything is as fresh as it possibly can be.”

And when you taste it, you know the food is fresh.

Subs to fit the family

My chicken parmesan sub was a delicious mix of flavors and spices. I loved the warm, melted cheese and the toasted bread had a slight crisp on the outside yet was soft on the inside. The taste and freshness of the fries were outstanding, as was fresh-brewed iced tea with lemons.

My daughter had the pizza sub and my son made up a turkey, lettuce, provolone, mayonnaise and red onion sub. He saw the onions in a picture on the menu, didn’t know what to call them, but knew he wanted them. (Really? You want those?) My husband tried out the classic club.

There are twelve subs, broken into four categories on Penn Station’s menu – classics, chicken, Italian and lighter options. The restaurant is known for its Philadelphia Cheesesteak. You can also order the Dagwood, which means you make up your own sub. Most subs are served hot, but some are available cold.
As accompaniment, chips, fries, cheese bread, baked cookies, soft drinks and fresh-squeezed lemonade or fresh-brewed iced tea are available. Kids meals include a 4-inch sub, small fries, a kids drink and a lollipop.

Add a pop of flavor

The restaurant itself is pleasant, with brown floor tile, brown and white textured walls, and vibrant close-up canvas pictures of subs, fries and other Penn Station selections.

Fresh ingredients openly stored throughout the order counter and food prep area add color to the décor of the restaurant. You can’t help but notice the red cans of tomato sauce, white jars of mayonnaise, brown potatoes, red onions and yellow lemons, adding an element of anticipation to the meal.

In all, I was pleasantly surprised that my kids each tried something new at Penn Station. I highly enjoyed my own meal, and I was impressed by the striking cleanliness and pleasing arrangement of the restaurant. The staff was extremely friendly as well.
Adkins said a lot of people tend to think of Penn Station as fast food – and service there is quick – but he would prefer they think of them as “fast casual.”
“We like to serve a quality product and like to think we’re the best sub shop in town,” he said.
To be fair, I haven’t been everywhere in town – but it’s tough to argue.


Kid-friendly Yes
To avoid wait Customers can generally be helped in a timely manner
Noise level Quiet
Bathroom amenities Extremely clean, nice
High chairs Yes
Got milk? No
Kids menu Yes
Healthy kids options Yes
Food allergy concerns A blend of peanut oil is used in the restaurant, but some accommodations can be made, especially for those eating a gluten-free diet.

Penn Station
East Coast Subs

2025 Tiffin Ave. #2
Findlay, OH 45840
Hours: Monday-Saturday 11 am to 10 pm, Sunday 11 am to 8 pm
Web site:
Carry-out and catering available