Campus Pollyeyes

. April 2, 2018.

The Short Course

Kid-Friendly: Yes
Noise Level: Quiet to average
High Chairs and Boosters: Yes
Got Milk? Yes
Kids Menu: No
Reservations: Yes
Food Allergy Concerns: Ask your server or the manager for assistance with allergy concerns.

A Bowling Green Favorite Comes to Findlay Quickly becoming a local family favorite

Last fall, Findlay’s long-established Blanchard St. Pizza Hut shut its doors and a Bowling Green favorite headed south to take the space. Campus Polleyes in Bowling Green enjoys a cult-like following of locals and BG students alike.  A close friend nearly melts at the very mention of the name (or the thought of their breadsticks!). As a big fan of carbs and cheese, Campus Polleyes seemed like a place tailored for my taste buds.

Given the buzz around the restaurant, we were unsure how long it would take to get a table. Our three kids are…energetic (to say the least). To avoid the crowds, we rolled into the parking lot about 5:45pm on a weeknight. As we entered, we were greeted by friendly staff and quickly led to our table. 

The interior is simple, slightly rustic with gray carpeting and rich, brown wood-paneled walls.  The chairs, tables and even the window frames are black, giving the interior a slightly modern feel. While the interior decor is pretty minimal (other than a few TVs), I love the galvanized metal signs and vintage beer signs. (And yes, they offer a great selection of bottled beer.)


Family-friendly service

After settling in at our table, our server arrived promptly with menus and to take our drink orders. It was clear that she was familiar with kids as she took our youngest daughter, wearing her gecko mask, completely in stride. And while they were out of milk the night we visited, the kids were happy with water – and we were happy with the cups with lids and straws! Our server even brought an extra cup of Barq’s cherry cream soda for the kids to try (with our permission, of course) and patiently returned an extra time with a cup full of lemons for our littlest.  She also brought plenty of napkins to clean up the spill after Mae tried putting all of the lemon slices into my husband, Jeremy’s, water glass.  Over the years, I’ve come to realize that a patient, kid-friendly server can make or break the restaurant experience and we were thankful to have a great server at Campus Polleyes.

We glanced over the menu but already had a few items we planned to order, based on recommendations from friends. For those of you who escaped the Campus Polleyes hype, they’re known for stuffed breadsticks, so we dutifully ordered the chicken and cheese stuffed breadsticks with sides of ranch dressing and marinara sauce. Jeremy was eager to try the Philly cheese steak sub and, also based on our friend’s urging, we ordered a roast beef pizza. 


Wait, what? Roast beef pizza?

Yep, that’s right, a roast beef pizza. It’s important to note that Campus Pollyeyes offers many suggested pizza and calzone combinations along with the always-popular build-your-own options. But roast beef pizza was definitely a new and delicious experience. It came with a creamy ranch sauce along with chunks of roast beef all smothered in mozzarella cheese.  The breadsticks continued the cheesy, creamy deliciousness, but traded chicken for roast beef, all wrapped up in doughy goodness. 

The homemade ranch dressing upped the yum for both the pizza and breadsticks, but I particularly loved the breadsticks dipped in marinara sauce. That tangy marinara perfectly balanced the buttery flavors of the white sauce and cheese.

The Philly cheesesteak sub offered big hunks of real meat, onions and cheese melted on fresh, soft bread.  For the kids, another treat came at the very end of the meal with the check: mints. Not the hard red-and-white peppermint kind, but creamy “butter mints.” And as we distributed them, it occurred to me that we had escaped the usual “What’s for dessert?” discussion. (In fact, our son Joey swiped a few extra mints from the basket by the door as we left!)

With the pizza, breadsticks and calzones, it’s understandable how this restaurant became a college favorite. But as we left the restaurant, it occurred to me that Campus Polleyes also managed to simultaneously grow up with its customers by offering the trifecta of family dining as well: a family-friendly staff with a kid-and adult-friendly menu, all housed in a clean, inviting atmosphere. 

339 South Blanchard St., Findlay
“Campus Polleyes Findlay” on Facebook
Open: Daily 11:00am-10:00pm