Casa Fiesta

. January 31, 2015.

Casa Fiesta 

2411 Tiffin Ave., Findlay


Sunday–Thursday 11am to 9pm

Friday and Saturday 11am to 10pm

Coming soon to Facebook and
the web as Casa Fiesta.

Carryout and catering available.

It’s a challenge to decide what the greatest takeaway from Casa Fiesta, formerly known as Los Mariachis, was– the delicious food or the cheery disposition of both the staff and décor.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t eaten a whole lot of sit-down Mexican food. I like it, so I’m not sure why. I’m led to believe it’s common for a Mexican restaurant to be colorful, but entering Casa Fiesta, my kids and I were greeted with such wonderful colors and murals, upbeat music and a friendly smiles, we couldn’t help but turn to each other with open mouths, grinning from ear to ear.

“Very kid friendly” is just what new owner, Victor Jimenez, said he is aiming for. Jimenez, who also owns restaurant Casa Fiesta in Fremont, took over in December. 

Upon being seated, our waiter brought us delicious complementary chips and salsa. The chips were wonderfully crisp and fresh and the salsa was just right – not too spicy for my fire-challenged palate.

Surprising appetites  

Our kids loved everything about Casa  Fiesta. We didn’t notice the “Little Amigos” menu at first, so we ordered for them off of the A la Carte menu. There are great Mexican choices for kids, such as a beef burrito and taco or chicken quesadilla and rice, but there are also American choices, like our kids’ standard – chicken nuggets and fries. The American options are wonderful to have, but I was happy they both tried some actual Mexican food.

I continue to be amazed that my nine-year-old son, who had two soft tacos, orders onions on his food now. My six-year-old daughter had one soft taco, with lettuce, cheese and sour cream. Both enthusiastically finished every last bite.

My husband and I were both pleased with our meals. I had selection #33 on the menu, chimichanga. It came with two chicken chimichangas (my choice of meat), topped with melted Mexican cheese, ranchero sauce, sour cream, guacamole and lettuce, and was served with beans. It was such a fabulous blend of tastes and textures, salty and creamy along with the crisp lettuce. As I write this, I’m craving another one!

My husband ordered selection #19 on the menu, Taco Loco. It. Was. Huge. Jimenez said he feels pretty confident calling it the largest taco in Ohio, and I don’t think I would contest it. It was a steak and chicken fajita, with melted cheese, lettuce, peppers and sour cream. My husband found it to have a nice blend of flavors, spread evenly throughout, inside a fine, light shell.

Too many options, too little time 

The restaurant’s offerings are vast, along with numerous ways to combine and share plates. Appetizers such as Cheese Quesadilla, Mexican pizza, and Jalapeno Poppers grace the menu, along with 12 other choices. There are several vegetarian choices, salads and soups. It is difficult to summarize the main entrees, which include seafood, beef, chicken, steak and carnitas,  in about any way you can think of from burrito, to fajita, tapatio, enchilada, quesadilla and more.

 For example, I would love to try the Seafood Burrito – two burritos filled with tilapia, shrimp and mozzarella cheese then lightly fried, with rice and salad. Or how about the Burrito’s Deluxe – a chicken and ground beef burrito filled with beans and rice, topped with shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream.

We finished our meal by sharing some fried ice cream, which the kids had never tasted. It was magnificent in both appearance and taste, from its glorious fried shell hiding the cool vanilla inside, to its crispy cinnamon bowl, to the chocolate syrup, fluffy whipped cream and cherry on top. There are several other delectable desserts as well.

With so many options and such a cheery atmosphere, you can’t lose at Casa Fiesta. After our meal, Jimenez himself even ran out into the cold parking lot to intercept us because we had forgotten my son’s book and my leftovers. I was very grateful to avoid losing a library book, but also for the next day’s tasty lunch.


Kid-friendly: Very

To avoid wait: Call ahead on the weekends

Noise level: Moderate, with festive Mexican music

Bathroom amenities: Changing table, clean. Colorful paintings in sinks (Kids fascinated by them)

High Chairs: Yes, and booster seats

Got Milk: Yes, white and chocolate

Kid’s menu?: Yes, nice variety of American and Mexican choices. Also try ordering from A la Carte menu

Food allergy concerns?: Let your server know and they will help. Some accommodations can be made, for example substituting a corn tortilla and a flour tortilla for gluten free diets.