Circle of Friends: Tour of the World In Findlay

. July 2, 2017.

The Short Course

Kid Friendly:  Yes
Noise Level:  Very quiet
Bathroom Amenities:  There was a single bathroom that was modernly decorated and plenty of room if you had a wheelchair or stroller.
High Chair:  There was a booster seat that was fastened to a seat.
Got Milk?  Milk was not listed on the menu, but fruit juice was. There are several drink options.
Kids Menu: There is not a specific kids menu but there are several items that are kid friendly.  Dolly is more than happy to accommodate.
Food Allergy Concerns: There are several dishes that are naturally gluten free.


Let the Adventure Begin

Nestled in a row of quaint storefronts is an unassuming treasure; a restaurant named “Circle of Friends.” Welcomed by Kay Kay from Nepal, we were seated at an intimate round table in a cozy dining room.  A tour of the menu  included dishes one of the owners, Dolly’s, home country, the Philippines, as well as India, Nepal, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Lebanon, and Greece.




Our children, 14 and 12, are adventurous eaters and were excited about this opportunity to try so many different dishes.  We opted for the “Tour of the World.” It started with a hot and minty Arabic tea, which we all enjoyed.  Mild yet flavorful, our children delighted in adding ample amounts of sugar to sweeten their tea. It was served in dainty tea cups with matching plates.


Climbing Altitude

Freshly made hummus and tabouli,  served with soft pita bread and crispy pita chips, created a new unique mixture with every bite.  A beautifully presented salad was brought out next with pineapple, mango, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, and parsley.  It was served with Don-Kay sauce (named after the couple who created it).  The Don-Kay sauce is tasty and has a big spicy kick with ingredients like fresh ginger and jalapeno to power the punch.  It created a fusion of flavors for those who love some spice in their life.


Cruising Altitude

Our son ordered the chicken shawarma sandwich.  It was a family favorite, accompanied by a creamy garlic sauce that we began dipping everything in after we tried it.  Dolly explained, it is a customer favorite, and we agree.  Kay Kay served our “Tour” and explained each dish and its origin as well as which sauces went with each dish. It was served family style on a large platter— Mandi rice in the center with several different entrees nestled in a circle around it and Mandi chicken on top.




Pancit is a Filipino noodle dish with stir fried veggies.  Mild and savory, we all liked it.  Next to the Pancit were Vietnamese noodles and veggies.  They packed some spicy punch, which my husband thoroughly enjoyed.  The chicken curry was creamy and not too spicy.  Our Mandi chicken was melt-in-your-mouth delicious and tender.  Dolly said she has a local mom who is a regular customer and orders the Mandi chicken and rice for her young daughter.



Our meal ended with a sampling of desserts from Basbousa to Baklava to tiny cheesecakes.  Everything was delicious.

If you are up for a cross-cultural meal, Circle of Friends is the place to dine.  There are great options that allow you to sample multiple dishes and there are dishes that range from very mild to spicy.  Regardless of your preferences, you will feel as though you have been on a culinary journey when you dine here.  Your guides make you feel right at home on your adventure.  According to Dolly, “Here, you can eat across the globe authentically without needing a passport.”

Circle of Friends | 122 East Sandusky Street | Findlay
Hours: 11am-10pm Monday through Saturday;
12:30pm-8pm Sunday

Find them on Facebook under
“Circle of Friends Restaurant and Gift Shoppe”

Takeout Available