Donatos dishes out tasty pizza pies

. September 25, 2012.

Donatos Pizza,
Subs, Salads
Findlay Village Mall
800 Tiffin Ave., Findlay, OH

Open Sun. – Thurs. 11 am to midnight
and Fri. – Sat. 11 am to 1 am

When we go out to eat, we rarely order pizza. At least once a week we make our own, and we’ve become a bit spoiled by having our pizza exactly the way we want it.

Recently, however, we decided to try a pizza pie at Donatos, located at the Findlay Village Mall. It opened last summer, so it was time to try it. We had one question upon finishing our meal: What took us so long?

Personalized pies

We walked into the restaurant, and immediately felt at home as the baked goodness of pizza wafted from the kitchen.  It is brightly lit and pleasant, with pop music in the background and the game or the news on the wall-mounted televisions. A party room is available as well as take out or delivery. The walls are a cheery red. The color red is thought to stimulate appetite – many trendy home dining rooms are painted red – but we didn’t need any help with our hunger.

The menu is large and varied. Although no one in my family is allergic to anything, we noted with interest that there is a gluten-free option. And while there is a kids menu that offers a kid-sized pizza or chicken strips and fries, we didn’t have any problem finding something for everyone on the regular menu.


We ordered a large cheese pizza with thick crust ($14.79) and large thin crust with mushroom and green pepper ($14.99), breadsticks ($2.69) and garlic bread ($2.79). Did I mention we were hungry?  While we chose pretty boring toppings, there are more adventurous options including almonds and green olives. Specialty pizzas including a Mariachi pizza that features jalapeno peppers and Mariachi spice, and the Serious Meat with pepperoni, sausage, ham, ground beef and bacon. There is also a section for subs, and I took advantage of that and ordered a fresh veggie sub for $5.79. Salads also abound, as well as a Lighter Option menu that features items with fewer than 550 calories. Strombolis and sides, including Buffalo wings, rounded out the menu.

Kid pleaser

It’s always a good sign when the table is quiet, and once our dinner came my children were quiet as they ate their meal.  We boxed up a bit of our pizza for leftovers, but still had room to sample some dessert. The Apple Crisp Timpano ($5.99) was a different twist on an apple pie, and was gooey but good.  My children also ordered two huge chocolate cookies ($1 each) that they couldn’t even finish, but never fear. They were enjoyed later as a bedtime snack.

Donatos also offers various coupons and specials, including lunch deals. Located less than a couple minutes from the mall’s main entrance, it can be the perfect place for an inexpensive nosh after some power shopping.  For this family, Donatos might just be the place to go when we don’t want to make our own pizza.

One of the several inspirational slogans on the wall was “pizza is the slice of life.” We couldn’t agree more!


Kid-friendly Yes
To avoid wait Consider just before or after meal time
Noise level Fine
Bathroom amenities Fine
High Chairs Yes
Got Milk GNot on the menu
Kid’s menu? Yes
Anything healthy for the kids?
Salads and lighter menu options
Food allergy concerns? Offers a
gluten-free option