Expanding horizons

. October 18, 2012.

La Charrita Mexican Grill and Cantina
3210 N. Main St.
419-422-TACO (8826)
Mon-Thurs 11am-9:30pm
Fri 11am-10:30pm
Sat 12pm-10:30pm
Sun 11am-9pm

When my girls think of Mexican food, they think of Taco Bell. But we thought we’d expand their culinary horizons by introducing them to more authentic Mexican cuisine.

Enter La Charrita Mexican Grill and Cantina, serving a wide range of dishes, including quesadillas, combo platters and dinners. It was a nice way to experience a different type of Mexican meal.

Upon being seated we were offered a basket of homemade tortilla chips with salsa. Be warned that they are highly addictive — remember to save room for the rest of your meal.

Horizons expand

My children were thrilled to see a children’s menu, which in addition to child-sized portions of burritos and enchiladas included the staple of chicken fingers.

Being a mean mom, I told them to order anything but the chicken fingers — we were not there to eat something we could get in a thousand other places.

My oldest, the pickier of the two, ordered the burrito and taco ($3.35) with a side of fries. Her sister, who will try anything and eats most things, ordered the taco and enchilada ($3.35). My husband chose the burritos deluxe ($7.75) with a side of rice and beans.

An array of options

I was excited to see several vegetarian options. There were five combo platters available but I ordered the vegetarian fajitas ($10.49). La Charrita says it prepares its food with 100 percent vegetable oil, so I was glad to not have to worry about things being fried in lard.

Our experiment was a success. The adults were happy with their dishes, and my children liked what they tried. The portions were rather large for a child’s platter, so they didn’t finish everything. But La Charrita has a nice selection they can try in the future — along with, if they must, chicken fingers.

Maybe the only downside to our dinner was that we barely had room for dessert! If you know us at all, you know this is unusual. But, in the interest of the public’s right to know, we ordered one to share: fried ice cream ($3.99), with four spoons. It was just enough to finish off a full and satisfying meal.

So if you want to expose your family to more authentic Mexican cuisine, La Charrita is a nice place to start. Just save room for dessert!