Family Restaurant offers home cooked food for the whole family

. October 1, 2017.

If you have a hankering for a home cooked meal but want to take the day off from cooking, Southside Family Restaurant is the place to go. Southside offers a variety of options for the whole family. If one member of your bunch is craving breakfast, while another wants fish, it’s good to know that all items on the menu are available any time of the day.

Southside Family Restaurant, a name befitting its location at the South end of town just before South Main Street turns into State Route 68, has a small town feel and many patrons are referred to by name. The staff is warm and friendly, whether it is your first time there (as it was for us) or you’re a “regular.” There were only two other tables with patrons while we were there in the later afternoon, but more were coming in when we left around 4:30pm.
Two of the staff members talked about what makes Southside Family Restaurant unique; what draws people in. They both agreed Friday is the most popular day with Fish Fry Friday when all-you-can-eat Walleye is served all day. Surprisingly, they also said many patrons come for the liver and onions, something many people like but can’t find elsewhere.

A menu with variety for people of all ages

The menu at Southside Family Restaurant offers a variety of options including multiple options in their section for Kids and Seniors. Whether you are craving breakfast foods or something more hardy, there is a great selection of both foods and drinks. All options are featured on one menu from appetizers to dinner specials.

We tend to be a “breakfast family.” We love breakfast foods no matter what time of day it is. My 11-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter quickly chose from the breakfast menu. My son got a stack of big, fluffy pancakes with traditional breakfast sides like sausage and eggs but chose a baked potato for another side. It’s not exactly a traditional breakfast side, but that was no problem! My daughter opted for a classic breakfast of toast, eggs, bacon and hashbrowns. They both ordered their eggs over easy, and my daughter’s had one broken yolk upon arrival, but that’s the first thing she would have done anyway.

I was really craving breakfast foods as well, but in order to share a varied experience, I chose something from the dinner specials: the 6 oz. sirloin steak which I ordered medium well. For my sides I chose their hashbrown casserole and coleslaw. A biscuit was included as well.

My 7-year-old son chose something from the Kids/Seniors section which really is exactly what I think of when I think of what kids love: a hot dog and mac & cheese. There is really is a unique selection in the Kids/Seniors menu as well, though. There are three other selections that are things kids usually like, but there is also an option for a one piece walleye with fries.


What did we think?

We really enjoyed our dinner at Southside Family Restaurant. In fact, as we were wrapping up our meal my oldest son said, “Mom, we definitely have to come back here!” He loved his big pancakes and all the sides. He couldn’t even eat it all, which is actually surprising because he usually eats quite a bit! My daughter really enjoyed her meal as well!
I thought the hashbrown casserole was amazing. The steak was a little dry, but it’s hit or miss with steak sometimes especially if you ask for medium well or well done. My youngest son loved his hot dog but wasn’t too keen on the mac & cheese. It’s exactly like mac & cheese at other places, but he is definitely the picky one. My daughter tried it and said it was ok.
I think what we liked most about Southside Family Restaurant was the atmosphere. It’s quaint, quiet and you can’t beat a home cooked meal…when you don’t have to cook it!

The Short Course

Kid-friendly: Yes but bring your own crayons/activities if needed while waiting for meals.
Noise level: Quiet.
Bathroom amenities: Clean and adequate.
High chairs? Yes and booster seats. They are kept in back, so be sure to ask.
Got milk? Yes, white and chocolate.Kids’ menu? Yes. Kids and Seniors options are listed on the varied menu. A variety of affordable options are available.
Food allergy concerns? They do not offer allergy friendly options.