Faster food

. October 30, 2012.

806 Trenton Ave.

There are days the hunger monster rears its ugly head and yells “Feed me!” The problem, however, is that a traditional restaurant might take too long. A fast-food restaurant makes you stand and wait for your order. The best of both worlds — fast food convenience with a sit-down atmosphere — can be found at one of Findlay’s newest restaurants, Culver’s.

Opened in August, Culver’s is a family-style restaurant that serves a secret-recipe butterburger along with other staples including sandwiches and homestyle dinners. It also prides itself on having a fresh frozen custard of the day as well as old-fashioned malts and shakes. It is a hybrid of restaurant styles — you order and pay at the counter, and then your meal is delivered to your table.

Tasty treats

My children both ordered the chicken tender kid’s meal ($6), which were more chicken tenderloin than nugget-shaped. The meals came with a choice of crinkle cut fries or applesauce, and choice of drink. My husband ordered the North Atlantic cod filet sandwich basket ($5.80) along with a side salad ($1.79). As a vegetarian I wasn’t hopeful there would be options for me, but I ended up getting the cherry pecan salad without chicken (a dollar less at $5.29 without the meat) and an order of onion rings to share ($3.49).

Everyone really enjoyed their meals – my girls said the tenderloin-style chicken was much better than nugget-style.  My husband, who often has a hard time finding a good fish sandwich, enjoyed the battered sandwich served on a roll. I really liked my salad, which was filling even without chicken. And everyone agreed that the onion rings were among the best we’ve ever had – light, crispy, not too-oniony and not too greasy.

Something for everyone

And allergy suffers rejoice! Culver’s offers an “Allergen and Sensitivity Guide” at the registers, which lists menu items containing ingredients commonly associated with food allergies including dairy, peanut, gluten and egg. The same information is on the company’s website,

As we finished our meal, someone came around and cleared our table of trays and trash.

We did have one quibble with Culver’s – the dessert menu was too large! My husband and I each took the free scoops of custards that came with the kid’s meals and let the girls choose a full-fledged dessert. My youngest got the Cookie Dough Concrete Mixer (hard ice cream blended with chunky goodies) and my oldest got one Peanut Butter Cup. Those kids were not about to share! Don’t feel sorry for the parents, though — our custards were chocolate and turtle sundae, and were just enough of a sweet ending to a satisfying meal. And there was a whole refrigerator case of ice cream cakes that we regretfully left behind for another time.

Culver’s isn’t exactly fast food. More like faster food. But it’s fast enough to tame the hunger monster and sit down together as a family at the same time.