Feeding Findlay

. October 8, 2012.

Olers Bar & Grill
708 Lima Ave.

If you judged Olers Bar & Grill from the outside, you might drive right by. The building looks a bit rough and ramshackle, with even the “liquor” sign hanging askew. If you did drive by, however, you’d miss eating in a Findlay institution that offers something for parents and children alike.

The restaurant, across from Cooper Tire & Rubber, recently celebrated 30 years of feeding Findlay. And while the place revels in its “delightfully tacky” rep, there is no joking around when it comes to the menu of Tex-Mex fare.

A hoppin' good time

One recent Sunday we decided to take the girls to Olers. My husband and I had been there, but never with the kids. When we pulled up, they seemed skeptical – even more so when we walked into the dimly lit tavern that was hopping even on a Sunday afternoon.

They relaxed when they saw a kids’ menu that featured several Tex-Mex entrees. My older daughter chose two tacos with rice and beans, and my younger one chose the kids’ nachos. All the kids’ entrees, at $3.95 each, include a dessert and beverage. My husband chose the chicken burrito supreme ($5.95) and I ordered a non-meat burrito supreme ($5.95).

While waiting we devoured the basket of chips and salsa, brought to each table. We followed the first rule of salsa, however – don’t eat it unless you have water at the ready. Luckily we had the middle of the road salsa, which everyone enjoyed. I decided to throw caution to the wind and ask for a saucer of the hot stuff. It wasn’t the hottest thing I’d ever tried (I did grow up in an Italian household, after all) but it was necessary to have the glass of water close at hand.

Enormous entrees

Our entrees arrived quickly. The kids’ portions were huge – almost big enough to feed an adult. My older daughter ate all of one taco and most of the second one, while her sister ate half the nachos. “I’m full,” said my oldest. “But I left a small corner for dessert.” The adults were too full to indulge in dessert, but we did sneak a spoonful of the kids’ – a scoop of deep-fried ice cream with hot fudge.

So, if you are looking for a place to feed your family a good meal for a good price – we walked out full and happy after spending only $35 with
tip – consider Olers. First impressions can often be wrong.