Feta heaven

. September 25, 2012.

The Greek Garden
321 S. Main St.
Open Sun – Thurs 11am-8pm
and Fri – Sat 11am-9pm

There is much more to the Greek Garden than tasty hummus, gyros and baklava. Complementing the varied menu choices, the downtown Findlay restaurant serves a dessert my family is still raving about.

The Greek Garden is the friendly neighborhood place where everyone knows your name. The booths and tables have a sight line to the grill and kitchen, so you can see the gyro meat being sliced and smell the Greek seasonings. The lively banter between kitchen and wait staff adds to the comfortable atmosphere. Exposed duct work and interesting murals adorning the walls add to the casual appeal. The words stencilled  above the grill says it all: “Eat Greek and Be Merry.”

We are a curious lot when we dine out. I love ethnic vegetarian food – the spicier the better. My husband is more a meat and potatoes man. My younger daughter will try anything, and sometimes surprises me with her menu choices. My older daughter is more choosy, and generally defaults to chicken fingers and fries. With a large menu offering both Greek delicacies and American favorites, each of us found what we wanted on the menu.

We started out with hummus ($4.50) and Mad Medusa’s Zesty Feta Dip ($5.50) to share. My husband ordered a Hercules cheeseburger ($5), 8 ounces of Angus beef on a gourmet roll. My youngest ordered a grilled cheese with French fries while her sister ordered the chicken with fries – for $4.75 each from the kids menu. I ordered a few side dishes, including the dolmades ($5) – grape leaves stuffed with rice – and the traditional Greek house salad ($4.75).  Other options, in case traditional Greek food isn’t your thing, include steak, tilapia and chicken. The restaurant also serves a variety of red, white and dessert wines.

Eight thumbs up! We all enjoyed our meals, and my younger daughter liked the dolmades as well. My older daughter declared herself stuffed. Did that mean no room for dessert? “Oh no, no, no,” she said. “I left plenty of room for that.”

I personally feel it should be illegal to walk into a Greek-inspired restaurant and not try the baklava, a home-baked pastry filled with honey and nuts ($3). We also ordered the funnel cake fries ($4) which drew an unsolicited “they’re fabulous” from our waitress.

And boy was she right. They looked good, smelled good, and tasted … well, fabulous. The generous portion of fried funnel cake strips came with caramel sauce for dipping. Hands down, this was the best dessert we’ve had here in Findlay. Despite a lot of competition, weeks later we are still looking for an excuse to stop by the Greek Garden for those funnel cake fries.

You don’t have to go Greek to enjoy a meal at the Greek Garden. You do, however, need to be ready to indulge in funnel cake fries.


Kid-friendly Yes
To avoid wait Avoid downtown lunch hour
Noise level Fine
Bathroom amenities Fine
High Chairs Yes
Got Milk Not on the menu
Kid’s menu? Yes
Anything healthy for the kids?
Veggies on the side
Food allergy concerns? As always, ask