Greens & Things: Soups, Salads and So Much More

. February 1, 2018.

Midwesterners love anything homegrown. And whether it’s a hamburger, ice cream or a quarterback, Findlay residents are no different. Downtown’s newest restaurant, Greens & Things, takes homegrown to a whole new level.

Stepping into the clean, minimalist restaurant, the small interior feels large with huge front windows, white walls and dark wood floors and tables. Two huge recycled art murals made by Awakening Minds Art students hang on one wall and add bright, cheery pops of color. Down a hallway toward the kitchen, large barn doors hanging on a track slide to open and close. The whole place feels welcoming, clean and comfortably modern.

But what sets Greens & Things apart (aside from the food— I’ll get to that), is that ingredients including meat, breads, produce and eggs are locally sourced. The day we visited, the greens came from the University of Findlay’s student-run business, Findlay Greens, which grows produce inside a hoop house-style greenhouse on campus. Probst Family Farms, located in Bluffton, provided the meat we ate. Eventually, owner Silas Larsen explained, the goal is to be “an honest-to-God self-sustained business” by raising meat and produce on land already purchased near Fostoria.

“We’re about doing food the right way, from beginning to end. Everything is made healthily, responsibly.” Aside from sourcing ingredients locally, all the cups, containers and even the wooden cutlery is 100 percent recyclable or compostable.


Farm-to-Table Flavor

The menu at Greens & Things offers old favorites along with fun, new options. Larsen, along with co-owners and chefs Brian and Ashley Spearman, rotate the menu regularly to offer even repeat customers new options including a salad created by the Spearmans’ young son.

“We enjoy the fact people can come and eat and be energized after lunch instead of feeling the need to take a nap!” Ashley Spearman remarked. And she’s completely right. We visited twice— once to dine in and the second time we ordered take-out. Both times the food left me ready to tackle the rest of my day.

The first time, my husband ordered the Spinach and Blue Cheese salad while I opted for two soups— classic chicken noodle and a hearty ham and bean— along with a side of pico de gallo and chips. The soup came out steaming hot, so I started on the chips and pico which was fresh and flavorful. Jeremy’s salad was beautiful. Never had we seen such gorgeous spinach. The blue cheese was plentiful, the bacon was smoky delicious and the sweet maple vinaigrette countered the salty-sourness of the cheese. Of the two soups, I particularly enjoyed the ham and bean with large chunks of ham and buttery beans. The colorful veggies in both soups were cut into irregular shapes— a clear sign they were fresh chopped and not out of a bag.

The second time we selected a wider range of food since we had all three kids eating with us: Smoky Chicken Corn Chowder, Vegan Roasted Tomato Soup, Pork Tacos, Bruschetta, Pico and Chips, Chicken and Waffles Salad and, once again, that lovely Spinach and Blue Cheese Salad.

The other salad, Chicken and Waffles, had a sweet maple dressing along with breaded chicken, bacon and diced waffle “croutons” on a bed of mixed greens. Yum. I’m a fan. The three sides were equally beautiful and flavorful— so much so that our 6-year-old asked for leftover tacos the next day for lunch (not surprisingly, none were left).

Greens & Things Delivers
(in so many ways)

For parents, one awesome aspect of Greens & Things is online ordering (from your computer or phone), payment and the option of delivery. We used the online ordering and payment system and within three minutes our meal was ordered and paid. You can even select a delivery or pick-up time (that’s my kind of meal-planning). And while there’s a $2 fee for delivery outside of downtown, any parent with sick kids or a spouse out of town (or anyone just tired of cooking) understands that meal delivery is simply magical.
Farm-to-table is a popular concept, and the team behind Greens & Things is passionate about the whole process— from farming, the sustainability and the simple ordering to, most importantly, a satisfying meal.

The Short Course Kid-Friendly:

Yes Noise Level: Average
Got Milk? No
Kids Menu: No, but soup is super kid-friendly
Reservations: No (Take-out and delivery available)
Food Allergy Concerns: All food is made in-house and from scratch. Ask for more details.

125 W. Sandusky Street, Findlay
“Greens and Things” on Facebook
Open: Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm
Closed Sundays