Hitting it out of the park

. October 23, 2012.

Jed’s Barbeque & Grill
2020 Tiffin Ave.
Mon.-Sun. 11-1am

My husband raves about only a few things outside of family — for example, his beloved Cincinnati Bearcats and hiking in the backcountry of Yosemite.

Now he can add Jed’s Barbeque & Grill’s knuckle busters to the list. Recently we decided to try the sports bar for an early dinner. We were impressed not only with the menu but the general atmosphere that seems to have something for most everyone. And on Wednesday night — Family Night — kids eat free with the purchase of an adult meal.

Expanding horizons

My older daughter ordered her usual go-to meal, chicken tenders with French fries ($3.99). My younger daughter, a bit more adventurous, ordered the pepperoni pizza sticks with French fries ($3.99). They knew they would get to share an order of knuckle busters — a pound of mini barbeque ribs — with Dad ($5.99). He also ordered a barbeque pork sandwich ($4.99). As the token vegetarian in my family, I ordered a garden salad ($4.99) along with a combo appetizer platter to share ($7.99) that included fried mushrooms, mozzarella sticks and onion rings.

Enjoying the classics

While we waited, we were treated to some of the best music we’d heard in a long time at a restaurant. Classic Elton John, The Who, Steppenwolf — yeah, it was good stuff. Our kids looked at us like we were crazy as we tried to explain just who The Who are. No matter, since their attention was quickly diverted to some of the 14 — my youngest counted — televisions in the dining room. There’s not a chance of missing a game in this place!

The knuckle busters didn’t last long at the table. The portion size was just right for sharing, but honestly I think more than one in our party didn’t want to share because they were really good. They fell off the bone, and the bone was the only thing left on the plate when my husband and older daughter were done. “It’s a good sign when that’s all that’s left,” said my husband.

And since no meal is complete until the dessert menu comes, my kids did the standard dessert order — one each, with extra spoons so the parents can have calorie-free tastes. My older daughter went for broke and ordered Chocolate Beyond Reason Divine ($4.95), a concoction of chocolate mousse, dark chocolate and white chocolate mousse. My younger daughter, the traditionalist, ordered a Cleveland Brownie, a brownie with ice cream. We didn’t get to share too much of dessert.

We look forward to our next visit to Jed’s. Maybe we’ll be able to get a taste of dessert next time.