La Charrita: Something for Everyone

. April 30, 2018.

La Charrita

3210 North Main St., Findlay
419-422-TACO (8226)
Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm (Happy Hour 3-6pm), Friday 11am-10pm (Happy Hour 3-5pm), Saturday: 12–10pm (Happy Hour 3-5pm), Sunday: 11:30am-9pm
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The Short Course

Kid-Friendly: Absolutely!
Noise Level: Average.
Bathroom amenities: Dated but clean and stocked.
High Chairs and Boosters: Yes.
Got Milk? Yes.
Kids Menu: Yes!
Reservations: Yes and a party room that accommodates 40 people is available.
Food Allergy Concerns: Ask your server or the manager for assistance with allergy concerns.


While Findlay has no shortage of Mexican restaurants, off the beaten path up on North Main is La Charrita. Over the years, we’ve dined there many times, most recently on a Monday evening.

When we arrived,  tables full of diners dotted the dining room and the hostess sat us at a (clean!) booth with a supply of chips and salsa, which passed my high standards –  fresh flavor and a little kick of spice. My kids, me and even my
husband (who eschews chunky sauces) loves it. Paired with warm, crisp not-too-salty chips,  we were in our way to
Mexican food heaven.

Full bellies assured

As we looked over the menu, our son asked for “the cheesy tortilla thing” (aka a quesadilla) with rice and beans on the side. In between chips, the girls announced that they wanted the same thing.  And, with that,  went back to eating chips and salsa. My husband, Jeremy, and I spent a long time reviewing the large menu.  Thankfully, as a guide, the menu is divided into sections such as seafood, pork and even, an under-400 calorie listing. Familiar Mexican favorites like tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas and fajitas are offered  ala carte, as part of a combo and with or without meat. For those looking for more authentic Mexican food, La Charrita offers several versions of mole.

The children’s menu includes familiar favorites like chicken fingers along with kid-friendly Mexican cuisine (including our kids’ beloved cheese quesadilla). One note: the menu online is dramatically smaller than the in-person restaurant menu which includes a range of well-priced lunch specials plus countless additional dishes! Finally, after our attentive server brought our drinks and a refill basket of chips, Jeremy settled on Pollo con Crema and a tamale while I opted for the Burrito Embuelto with chicken.

As more diners arrived, I noticed that some guests were regulars  – the mark of a great restaurant!  All the while, servers passed by loaded  with plates of food.  More than once the kids remarked about the sizzling fajitas at another table, filling the air with delicious smells. La Charrita offers a full bar, which is separate from the dining area, and a party room for up to 40 guests.


Fresh flavors and empty plates

After a visit to the restroom, the table was filled with plates of hot food.  Leland, our 4 year old,  had devoured  his quesadilla and was working on the rice and beans. The girls’ quesadillas, golden-brown crispy on the outside with ooey-gooey cheese on the inside, also ate their entire quesadilla along with varying amounts of rice and beans.

Jeremy enjoyed his Pollo con Crema – chicken sautéed in a tangy, creamy sauce with three kinds of peppers. When I sampled it, I instantly loved the flavor but – WOWZA – my lips were burning!  Jeremy declared his tamale “the best he’d ever eaten in a restaurant” (high praise from a guy who regularly enjoys homemade tamales from a friend’s Mexican grandmother!). We ordered a side of guacamole for the table and enjoyed the smooth, creamy flavor punctuated by fresh onion and cilantro.

My Burrito Embuelto arrived smothered in a white cheese sauce. I enjoyed the crisp lettuce and fresh guacamole flavor that balanced the creamy sauce, and found the whole dish only improved with the addition of the tangy salsa.

Delicious from start to finish

Despite being full, I enjoyed bites of two traditional desserts – sopapillas, with ice cream, and flan. The smooth, sweet creaminess of the flan, a Mexican custard, was quite different than the sopapillas, light, crispy bits of deliciousness, either alone or  “dipped” into the vanilla ice cream.

La Charrita provided an amazing dining experience that included the hallmarks of good family dining: a clean, fun restaurant, quick and friendly service and delicious food. But what makes it a family favorite is that we can enjoy a familiar dish or follow the menu to new territories of flavor.