LuLu’s Diner: Beckoning from Bluffton

. February 29, 2016.

LuLu’s Diner

114 E. College Ave.

Bluffton, OH 45817

419-369-5858 (LULU)

Hours: Monday-Saturday 6am to 2pm, Sunday 7am to 2pm

Catering and takeout available


Lunch at LuLu’s Diner felt like a wonderful little adventure. We piled the family into the van, hit the open highway to Bluffton and found ourselves seated by a sunny window, loving the atmosphere and feeling wowed by the extensive menu.

Restaurant owners Justin and Amy Musil pride themselves on fresh produce, homemade goodness, great prices and great service, explained Nate, restaurant manager and head chef. While there are three other locations in Lima, the Bluffton LuLu’s opened in July of 2015.

“It has been fantastic,” Nate said. “The community has really adapted to us and shown us a lot of love.”

The inside of LuLu’s is cozy, both in character and temperature. (Much appreciated from someone who is always cold.) LuLu’s newly renovated interior offers booth and diner-style table seating and the option to sit at the distinctly-painted black and white bar area. I can see why it is a favorite hangout for Blufftoners. 

How to Choose!?

I waffled between lunch and breakfast (pun intended), because everything simply looked so good and there was so much variety. Did I want the Eggs Benedict? An omelet? Bananas Foster French Toast, or a Zesty Feta Burger? How do I choose?! Hoping to satisfy both my lunch and breakfast cravings, I ordered the Breakfast Club Sandwich.

Wow, it did not disappoint. When my sandwich arrived, it was so tall that my 7-year-old daughter found it hard to believe that I would be able to bite it. I assured her I could smash it down, then bite…I’m glad I figured that out so I didn’t miss the variety of delicious tastes. 

The sandwich was made of a slice of smoked ham, two fried eggs, melted American cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, wheat bread, and I chose bacon instead of sausage. It has quickly taken a spot atop my favorites list — perfectly warm with a striking diversity of tastes — and the hash browns that came with it were great as well. 

My husband ordered the Triple Decker Club – again, a “smash to bite,” hefty sandwich – with fries. My daughter and 10-year-old son opted for the kids chicken tenders with fries, with my son adding a side salad. 

Everyone enjoyed their food. It is always a compliment if my daughter eats her food quickly, as she can find just about anything to distract her from a meal. Here, she stayed on task. The Chicken and Fries Connoisseurs – that would be my kids – ranked these among the best.

A nice touch, my son’s salad came with a slice of “orange bread,” which was drizzled with icing on top. He and I tasted the bread and found it unique and delicious, like a teaser dessert. He also told me the homemade ranch used on his salad, and as a dip for his chicken, was the best he’s ever had. Wow!

I Wasn’t Kidding about the Menu

It’s worth it to double back to that wonderful menu which boasts, “Home Cooking with Modern Flair.” LuLu’s is open for breakfast and lunch, so at least you don’t have to add dinner into the decision-making mix. 

Just about anything you could want for breakfast is available, from the basic eggs and toast, to pancakes, waffles, breakfast burritos, several omelets, and more. There is even a Granola Sundae – homemade granola and vanilla yogurt layered with strawberries and bananas, and served with orange bread. Look for more fun specialties as well.

For lunch, there are several wraps and burgers available, eight sandwiches, the homemade soup of the day and eight unmistakable salads. 

Reviewing the menu again is  almost painful, making me realize how badly I’d like to head back to LuLu’s and try more things. If we’re lucky, my daughter might again provide premier entertainment, like this joke she coined during our meal: “What’s the kind of sauce that you need to catch up on eating?”




The Short Course

Kid-friendly: Absolutely

To avoid wait: Come at off-times. Busiest just after 10am Sundays and around noon on weekdays

Noise level: Moderate

Bathroom amenities: New, nice and clean

High chairs? Yes, and booster seats

Got milk? Yes, also orange juice and apple juice

Kids’ menu? Yes

Food allergy concerns? All utensils hand-washed twice, no contact with anything else. Can account for most allergies, let your server know, can help you make your choice.