Mi Tequila Mexican Restaurant

. December 1, 2018.
Mi Tequila Mexican Restaurant

The Short Course

Kid-friendly: YES!
To Avoid a Wait: Go at an off-peak time or call ahead.
Noise level: Average.
Bathroom Amenities: Spacious, clean and a changing table is available in the women’s restroom (Jeremy didn’t notice if there was one in the men’s).
High Chairs? Yes.
Kids’ menu? Yes! A la carte options are also available and are perfect for smaller appetites.
Anything Healthy for Kids: The kids’ menu is pretty standard, but with so many choices on the menu, there are healthy options available.
Food Allergy Concerns: Speak with your server about specific allergy concerns. In general, however, Mexican food offers incredible versatility with many gluten-, egg-, dairy- and nut-free options.

Fall descended upon our family with a flurry of activities including a new school schedule, a new puppy and home renovations. My husband, Jeremy, faced a brutal schedule and our family meals had become rushed, unhealthy and chaotic. One night, we escaped the insanity of home and stepped into the festive and colorful world of Mi Tequila Mexican Restaurant.

Escape winter blahs with vibrant colors and flavors

A longtime fixture on Tiffin Avenue, Mi Tequila boasts a spacious interior filled with vibrant murals, faux southwest architecture and a relaxed atmosphere. A mixture of round, square and rectangular tables fill the center of the main room while booths line the perimeter. A separate section, “Tequila Town,” offers additional seating, televisions for sports viewing and a well-stocked bar.

On the Saturday evening we visited, the hostess promptly sat us at our choice of tables. We settled into the large, comfy upholstered chairs the kids oohed and ahhhed over the ornately carved and painted table (well-protected under a spotless glass top). Two baskets of chips and salsa arrived immediately and occupied the kids, allowing us to peruse the menu.

Mi Tequila Mexican Restaurant exterior

Mi Tequila offers an array of choices – seafood, meat, vegetarian, corn or flour tortillas, standard Tex-Mex options and authentic dishes. Mi Tequila also offers lunch specials, daily specials, salads and oodles of a la carte options that allow you to create your ideal meal.

After much deliberation, my husband Jeremy selected the Yolanda (a grilled chicken breast with onions and a cheese sauce) while I chose the huge Enchilada Supreme (one chicken, beef, bean and cheese enchilada). The girls ordered their beloved cheese quesadilla and Leland picked the Burritos Tipicos (one chicken and one beef burrito with nacho cheese). Jeremy and I also opted to indulge in margaritas which are available by the glass or, in two sizes, by the pitcher.

Enjoyable food

As we waited for our meals, we noshed on chips and salsa, guacamole and queso dip. To our delight, the chips were thin, lightly salted and warm. The salsa featured a bright, fresh flavor with hints of smokiness and a bold, spicy kick while the queso offered an indulgent creaminess that we all loved. The guacamole was beautifully green with chunks of fresh onion, tomato and cilantro. Just how we like it.

Our meals arrived quickly. The server brought the hot plates stacked on her arm with thick, oven mitts protecting her hands and forearms. She warned Jeremy and me about the temperature of our plates, and I noted that she didn’t warn the kids – because their plates weren’t burning hot! That detail really made an impression on this mom: kids won’t remember to avoid a hot plate, so their food came out piping hot on a warm, but safe, plate. Thank you, Mi Tequila!

The kids dug into their food. Mae blissfully chomped on her cheese quesadilla while shooing me away from her rice and beans. Meanwhile, Josephine deconstructed her quesadilla and added beans and rice. Leland tucked into his burritos with his usual gusto and declared them “delicious” between mouthfuls.

Jeremy’s Yolanda meal offered a perfect balance of creaminess and smoky, grilled chicken flavor. The onions gave each bite a subtle crunch while the beans and rice also added texture and flavor. My meal, the Enchilada Supreme, arrived topped with colorful enchilada sauce, crisp lettuce, a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkling of tomatoes and cheese. Each individual enchilada offered a unique flavor and texture. The beans and cheese were smooth and creamy and paired perfectly with the meat-filled enchiladas. The ground beef proved to be a little bland, but that was quickly remedied with some beans, salsa, queso and/or guacamole. Some people may prefer more flavorful meat, but I enjoyed mixing and matching bites to explore and enjoy a variety of tastes.

Chocolate, Cinnamon, and caramel flan

Save room for dessert

As we finished up our meals, our server tempted us with dessert. Despite full bellies and several take-out containers filled with leftovers, we couldn’t resist finishing our meal with flan. In moments, two orders of creamy, buttery deliciousness arrived at our table. Each perfect disc of flan swam in sweet, amber-colored sugary syrup with chocolate drizzled over the top. The kids scrambled for some with Jeremy and I furtively grabbing a bite whenever we could. The delicate flan held flavors of cinnamon, chocolate and caramel.Mi Tequila offered a much-needed escape from our chaotic schedule with unique tastes in a comfortable setting.

Mi-Tequila Mexican Restaurant
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