Park Place Grill: Diverse, Tasty Menu Meets Amazing Value

. August 1, 2017.

The Short Course

Kid-friendly: Yes, it is not possible to be more kid-friendly!

To avoid wait: Consider ordering carryout during the lunch or dinner hour, but usually there is not much of a wait.

Noise level: Quiet.

Bathroom amenities: Very clean, pleasant. Changing table in women’s restroom.

High chairs? Yes.

Got milk? Yes, white and chocolate.

Kids’ menu: Yes, amazing value and great choices.

Food allergy concerns: The restaurant uses canola oil for cooking. Only dairy-based ice cream available. Workers can help guide you to avoid gluten or address other dietary concerns.


Put simply, Park Place Grill makes me happy. Despite being a newly opened eatery with a completely renovated inside and a fun, fresh menu, it has an endearing, nostalgic charm.

Maybe it’s because the inside is cozy and the staff is so friendly.  Maybe it’s because my kids and I have already rid

den our bikes there several times for lunch and ice cream. Maybe it’s because it overlooks Emory Adams Park and it’s really affordable. Or maybe it’s the fact that you can sit outside in the shade at a picnic table. Whatever it is– it’s perfect.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to do something like this,” owner Nikki Oswalt said of her restaurant. “We wanted to create a place where you can get something quick and easy, but with a large variety and a unique offering. We’ve had a great response from the community, lots of support from local residents.”

Formerly Sweet Retreat, Park Place Grill opened April with a pleasantly upgraded interior. Oswalt uses her own recipes and makes the sloppy joe, coney sauce, shredded chicken, tuna salad and mushroom sauce for the mushroom-swiss burgers each morning. All burgers are hand-pattied from fresh meat.

The Findlay resident said she loves getting suggestions from customers and is open to trying new choices on the menu. Park Place often offers a special and when we visited it was a barbecue chicken wrap with French fries and a medium drink for $7.

Sometimes, especially during soccer season, on the weekends, the eatery opens early to offer pancakes and breakfast sandwiches. Carryout has been popular with customers at lunchtime, Oswalt said. She will make a decision in August or September whether to remain open throughout the winter with
limited hours.

A diverse menu with kids meals

The menu at Park Place Grill offers a variety of options.
Burgers are available in quarter or half-pound size with the choice of your classic hamburger, bacon cheddar, black and blue, cowboy, mushroom swiss, or jalapeno. Customers can order chicken tenders or wings, hot dogs or brats, or specialty sandwiches such as the spicy southern chicken-fried steak, cod, or tuna melt. Classic sandwiches such as shredded chicken or sloppy joes are available, too. Oswalt said Park Place’s wraps and salads, such as the grilled chicken strawberry feta salad or chicken bacon ranch wrap, have been popular.

Diners can choose from a number of sides: fries, curly pub fries, chili-cheese fries, chili, fried pickles, onion rings, spicy cheese curds and more. The restaurant’s full ice cream menu includes cones, flurries (even my favorite rarities Kit Kat and Twix), sundaes, milkshakes, slushes, root beer floats and the quintessential banana split.


Our impressions

We all enjoyed our food and the atmosphere, but to me the story of the meal was the comments of my 8-year-old daughter, not usually the quote-generating type. She delighted in her two-piece chicken tender kids’ meal.  “The chicken is great, Mom,” she declared. “The fries are crispy on the outside and smooth and soft on the inside.”

My 11-year-old son feasted on the same meal but added a side salad with ranch dressing. The salad included lettuce, cucumber, cheese, tomato and croutons, and I found myself a bit envious until I dug into my own choice, the Grilled Chicken Strawberry Feta Salad–  tender grilled chicken,  crisp lettuce, candied pecans, feta cheese, and wonderfully ripe strawberries, all topped with strawberry dressing. It was a delicious combination of tastes.

My husband enjoyed the cheeseburger with pub fries and remarked that he was, “happy to taste a burger that was one ‘like my Mom cooked’ rather than fast food.”




As our meal wound down, the kids ordered the ice cream that came with their meals. I thought I should probably get some, too, in order to give a proper food review. (Can’t disappoint the readers.) Again, my 8-year-old came through to sum it up best: “This ice cream is really, really good. It feels fluffy and the chocolate feels really, really good on your tongue.”



And– flashing lights please!

The kids meals at Park Place Grill are phenomenal both in selection and price. For only $3.75 kids get an entree, side, drink, and treat, and there are healthful options! Entree choices are a hot dog, kids’ burger, two chicken tenders, grilled cheese or a corn dog. Sides include fries, a banana, or carrots with ranch dressing. Drinks include milk, lemonade or a fountain drink, while the after-meal treat can be a kids’ cone, slush or kids’ flurry. Seriously! Take your children to Park Place Grill.


Park Place Grill
1600 S. Blanchard St., Findlay
(across from Emory Adams Park)
Hours: 11am-8pm Monday-Thursday; 11am-9pm Friday;
11am-9pm Saturday; 11am-7pm Sunday

Check Facebook under “Park Place Grill” for specials
and early openings
for breakfast
Carryout available