QQ Garden: Delicious Food and a Welcome Change of Pace

. March 25, 2016.

QQ Garden

1331 N. Main St., Findlay
Hours: 11am to 10pm Tuesday-Friday,
12pm to 10pm Saturday, 
Sunday 12pm to 9pm, closed Mondays.
Carryout available
Online ordering available.

Fun and memorable, QQ Garden proved to be an excellent place for dinner with the family. The food was delicious and the kids learned to enjoy new tastes. We also placed our character traits under full scrutiny, and now accept ourselves for who we are.

Thank you, Chinese Zodiac.

My 10-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter were endlessly entertained by their placemats featuring this personality predictor. We determined which animal represented each of our birth years with great interest (monkey, snake, rooster and rat), then moved on to aunts, uncles, friends, grandparents…  And what were grandma and grandpa thinking…didn’t they know the Dragon should never marry the Dog?

Recently, I realized we had never been inside QQ Garden. Why not check it out? The restaurant prides itself on modern interpretations of classic dishes coupled with high-quality, fresh ingredients. Christina Lu, daughter of owner and chef Wen Su Lu, explained that her family took ownership of the restaurant in September.

Delicious Combo Meals and Menu Choices

QQ Garden’s menu is home to a nice variety including chef’s specials, a number of combo platters with rice, egg roll and soup, several appetizers, and fried rice choices. Patrons can also decide between many vegetable, chicken, beef, pork, or seafood dishes, as well as mei fun (rice noodles),  lo mein (soft noodles), chow mein (white rice and fried noodles), or sweet and sour entrees. There are also healthy choice selections, and several photos on the menu help in making a selection.

With carryout orders, customers can earn free items, such as a can of soda with a purchase over $15, crab rangoon with a purchase over $30, a sweet and sour chicken dish with a purchase over $50, and more.

New Experiences: Exciting Results

We ordered spring rolls and egg rolls for the kids to try. My son even tried the sweet “duck sauce,” that comes with it and offered, “I like everything about it. It warms my mouth.” My daughter could not put her thoughts into words, but said between chews that she liked the rolls. This, from the girl who rarely ventures from standard kid fare! Thrilling!

For his main course, my son ordered vegetable fried rice. Embedded inside the brown rice was broccoli, carrots, water chestnuts, mushrooms, onion, mini-corn, and peas. He loved it all but, unfamiliar, paused to carefully examine and inquire about the mini-corn and water chestnuts. Accepting our explanations, down the hatch they went, and he enjoyed it. Go Ben!

We ordered the boneless chicken with white rice for my daughter and she happily munched away. She really enjoyed it.

My husband ordered the sweet and sour chicken combo, which came with an egg roll and brown rice. He noted that the chicken was crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.

I went with the General Tso’s chicken combo. The chicken was exceptional, probably the best General Tso’s I’ve ever had. It was sweet and spicy, a delicious flavor, with a great crispy outside coating.

Following dinner, the kids were again highly amused, this time by their fortune cookies. We taught them how to break them open to reveal the all-important message inside. Our favorites were: “You will find what you lost but first you must remember where you left it,” and, “Even the smartest person can learn something from the dumbest.”

Words to live by.


The Short Course

 Kid-friendly: Yes
To avoid wait: Friday and Saturday dinner is busiest. Consider coming at an off-time.
Noise level: Quiet
Bathroom amenities: Clean and adequate
High chairs? Yes
Got milk?  No
Kids’ menu? No, but staff is helpful to find what the kids can enjoy
Food allergy concerns? Let your server know what you need to avoid