Royal Buffet: Something for Everyone

. June 2, 2017.

There is something about a buffet that my kids love. I don’t know if it’s the fact that they get to choose from a variety of foods or because they know they’ll be able to choose a dessert. Regardless, when I presented them with options, they unanimously chose Royal Buffet

Unique decor and Chinese culture

Even if you haven’t been to Royal Buffet, you have likely noticed the big gold lions out front. We spent a few minutes just looking at them before we went in! Once we finally made it through the doors the kids were distracted once more by a unique fountain. We were greeted right away, and I had to get the kids’ attention to sit down at our table.


A variety of food

Although Royal Buffet is known as a Chinese buffet it actually offers a wide variety of foods— American, Italian and Japanese as well as traditional Chinese fare. There is also sushi and food cooked on a hibachi, which you can watch them make. There were definitely no complaints that “They don’t have anything that I like!” In fact, we all wanted to try a little bit of everything so we had a hard time deciding what to eat!

My 7-year-old son is quite picky so it was no surprise he chose a slice of cheese pizza, macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes. What really caught his eye, though, was the jello. There were four different kinds of jello, and he had to try them all! His face lit up when he saw the jello! My other two children and myself filled up our plates with a variety of different foods, including stuffed mushrooms, crab stuffed shrimp, cheese spinach, crab mix, chinese doughnuts and fries. I’m pretty sure there isn’t another place where you can get that type of variety all on one plate!

The best part is we enjoyed it! The hot foods were nice and hot. We didn’t go during a busy time so I worried the food would have been sitting out for a while. I saw them regularly rotating the foods, though, and could see the steam rising from the hot foods. I probably could have eaten a whole plate of the stuffed mushrooms if I hadn’t wanted to try other foods. The only complaint was from my 11-year-old son who said the fries were just a little warm. I’d say out of the number of foods we tried, having just one complaint is pretty good!


Happy kids with full bellies

The kids were definitely pleased with the restaurant and they all had their fill. There are signs to remind you not to get more than you can eat, and so we just got a little bit at a time. Although the stuffed mushrooms were the big hit with me it was definitely the jello that was the favorite for the kids. In fact, there was an entire section of desserts, and the jello was the only thing they selected! What’s important, though, is we left with full bellies and everyone was happy!

Royal Buffet
2551 Tiffin Ave. | Findlay | 419-420-0888
Hours: 11am-10pm Sunday-Thursday;
11am-10:30pm Friday-Saturday