Smokin’ B’s Serves Up Family-Friendly Favorites (And A few Surprises!)

. June 30, 2018.

The Short Course

Kid-Friendly: Yes
Noise Level: Average
High Chairs and Boosters: Yes.
Got Milk? Yes
Kids Menu: Yes
Reservations: No.
Food Allergy Concerns: Ask your server for assistance

Growing up in Findlay, you learn a bit about the surrounding small towns. All those dots on the map boast charm and treasures. With great curiosity, we loaded up the kids and entered a Leipsic address into our GPS. Thirty minutes later, we followed a curve into town and pulled up to Smokin’ B’s.


Smokin’ B’s looks like any other local watering hole. When I pulled open the door a friendly face promptly welcomed us in. Along with a few standard beer signs, the interior oozes local pride and features framed jerseys, team photos and front pages from local newspapers (including The Courier). A large wraparound bar lines one wall. Room after room are connected together, making it apparent that Smokin’ B’s is the perfect place to hold any kind of gathering from team dinners to a fundraiser. Signs on the walls advertise bands, happy hour specials and a weekly jackpot drawing.

A mix of choices

As we sat down, the girls grabbed the kids’ menus and started coloring while Leland (who’s 8) decided to try playing Keno (with no money – ha!) which kept them busy long enough for us to check out the menu. Everything appeared to be an extensive, but fairly standard, mix of options like pizzas and burgers, BBQ and wraps. Then I saw more unusual options like pig wings, gizzards and a “Junk Basket.” The latter one is Smokin’ B’s cleverly titled version of a sampler plate. But what the heck are pig wings? Our server informed us that they’re pig knuckles and a quick Google search revealed that they’re the pork alternative to chicken wings (also called ham hocks, shanks and even pork steak).

Since my husband, Jeremy, ordered the BBQ plate that included four chicken wings, pork loin and pulled pork, we opted not to try the pig wings (though I admit that I’m still intrigued). Our girls wanted mac and cheese (which was not on the kids’ menu but was available as a side dish) while Leland ordered the pulled pork sliders. I opted for a Southwest personal pizza with tangy ranch dressing, grilled chicken, black beans, corn, cheese and onions. We also tacked on a cheeseburger and two sides of fries.

Delicious food

When the food arrived, the girls devoured the mac and cheese in minutes. And they’re still raving about how good it was! Joey also tried the cheeseburger and reported that it was “sooooooo gooooooood” while Mae happily noshed on fries. Leland liked the pulled pork sliders except the fact that they came with coleslaw on top. But that’s not Smokin’ B’s fault – it was definitely a parenting fail. We should’ve known that a place offering so much BBQ would also put the traditional coleslaw on top of pulled pork sandwiches. My husband Jeremy enjoyed the pulled pork saying it was tender and the BBQ sauce was tangy and sweet without much spice. The wings were also good, he said, although he didn’t care for the pork loin. My pizza offered the perfect blend of crispy edges and gooey deliciousness. The corn and beans added an interesting texture, and I loved the taco flavoring with just a hint of spiciness. And I have to give Smokin’ B’s credit for covering nearly every inch of the pizza with cheese. All too often I bemoan the paltry amount of cheese on pizzas – but not at Smokin’ B’s! The abundance of cheese gave the edges the crispiness I enjoyed so much.


As we finished up, the kids begged for dessert. Our server sadly informed us that Smokin’ B’s doesn’t offer dessert but then kindly suggested a local ice cream spot, Viking Korner, just down the road. She also recommended getting eyes on our ice cream. Well, give a kid an option for eyes on their ice cream and we had to give it a try. We found Viking Korner easily and the kids enjoyed their ice cream with eyes. With full bellies, the trip home gave us time to admire a beautiful almost-summer evening and wonder what other tasty treats lie just outside Findlay.

125 East Main Street | Leipsic
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Monday – Thursday 7am-10pm | Friday 6am– 1am
Saturday 10am-1am | Sunday 10:30am-8pm