Steve’s Dakota Grill: More Than Just Steak

. January 1, 2018.

When I crave a good steak, Steve’s Dakota Grill comes to mind. Fortunately, the restaurant also offers something that everyone in the family will like.

When our waitress greeted us, she wrote her name, Barbara, on our paper tablecover. Friendly and warm, she explained that “Families like coming here because it’s a kid-friendly environment. Most of our servers are parents and are good with children. It’s pretty quiet, and the kids like the animals.”

No, not live animals— she means the many animal heads that adorn the interior, giving a rustic feel that fits the restaurant’s style.


Fun begins right at the table

Booths that are designed for four adults can feel quite cramped when shared with kids who, despite being small, take up a perplexing amount of space. At Steve’s Dakota Grill, we were seated at a large booth by a window that was impressively spacious, even with my youngest’s array of toys that he often brings to restauants.

Despite the roomy and comfortable booth, my kids were most excited about the paper tablecover. Watching our waitress write her name upside down on the surface challenged my two oldest to do the same. My 10-year-old daughter drew a myriad of pictures.

Various food options

We went to eat between 3-4pm, and while definitely not a popular time, it provided us the option to choose from the lunch or dinner menu, which contains a kids’ menu. My two youngest ordered fish and chips and a cheese pizza.

My 11-year-old son, no longer satisfied by kids’ portions, and I stuck to the lunch menu. He chose the “Simple Cheese Burger” and I ordered a sirloin steak with garlic smashed potatoes and a side salad.

As we eagerly awaited our meals, we received warm rolls. While my kids didn’t love the rolls with maple butter, I devoured one and quickly became afraid that I’d eat too many before our food arrived.


The verdict is in

Although I had been to Steve’s Dakota Grill a few times, it was a new experience for my kids, who chose foods new to them. My daughter, who is the least picky eater, loved her fish and chips, made with Alaskan Pollock.

My oldest son, who took a long time to decide on the cheeseburger, was happy with his decision. While he probably could have eaten it all, he’s a slow eater and didn’t want to hold us up. He happily ate his leftovers the next day— which is practically unheard of.

Then there’s my youngest son, who has Sensory Processing Disorder, so ordering food can be challenging because he only likes specific things and he expects them to be a certain way. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t even touch his pizza because it didn’t look like the pizza he likes.

I asked if we could try the hot dog, and Barbara gladly complied and didn’t even charge for it. Being a single mom with special needs kids can be challenging, and it was was a huge relief to get such an understanding response.

My kids were happy and I was pleased that my sirloin steak was the perfect medium. It was so good, and you can’t beat a side of garlic smashed potatoes.

Overall, Steve’s Dakota Grill was a big win for our family. The food was good, the atmosphere was perfect, and the prices were great. Everyone left full, happy, and with a little left over for the next day’s lunch.

The Short Course

Kid-Friendly: Yes
Noise Level: Quiet
Bathroom Amenities: Clean and adequate. High Chairs and Boosters: Yes
Got Milk? Yes, white and chocolate
Kids Menu: Yes. All meals are under $5
Food Allergy Concerns: There are many gluten-free options but not all are labeled. Ask your server for assistance.

Steve’s Dakota Grill
1600 Broad Ave
Hours: 11am-10pm Monday-Thursday;
11am-11pm Friday-Saturday;
11am-9pm Sunday
Check Facebook under
“Steve’s Dakota Grill – Findlay, OH”