The Jolly Dipper is Open All Year At Last!

. November 1, 2016.

 The Jolly Dipper

510 E. Lincoln St. | 419-674-1571
Hours: 11:30am-8pm everyday

Jolly Dipper fans’ dreams have come true: This year, there will be no goodbyes!

Not only will our beloved Dipper remain open, serving ice cream and its traditional menu through the winter, but patrons can also purchase soups, coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate and more. A number of additional changes are also on the way.

“I have had so many people ask me if we could stay open all year,” explained new Owner Amy Kooman. “So I said ‘Why not?’ We’re going to give it a try and see how it goes.”

Celebrating Special Needs

The Jolly Dipper became hers in mid-August and, while continuing to offer her fanbase the same menu they love, Kooman is ready to make some changes. In the spring, the front of the bulding will be renovated and redesigned to make it handicapped-accessible, and she will add a gated play area for kids. Kooman also plans to partner with Kan Du Studio, a local art studio for people with and without developmental disabilities, to paint the building.


Under Kooman’s ownership, The Jolly Dipper is now also a place where people who have special needs can come to work. She and her husband Jason adopted three girls from the Ukraine who have physical disabilities – Raia, 6, and Noor, 6, in 2015, and, in September, Olga, 16. They have five additional children.

“I don’t know down the road where they will be able to have jobs,” she said of the girls. “So why not provide a place where people with special needs can work?”

Same Vast Menu with Warm Additions

If you think only of ice cream when you think of The Jolly Dipper, it’s time to see the light!

Would you believe The Dipper offers 23 sandwich choices? BBQ beef, cheeseburger, coney dog, a walking taco, perch, pulled pork, hot dogs, and shredded chicken headline the list. If that’s not enough, how about 18 sides? They’ve got mozzarella sticks, cheese balls, reuben bites, chili cheese fries, green beans, and fried pickle spears to name a few.


New this fall, check out their soups, including loaded baked potato, broccoli cheddar, chicken noodle, beef stew and vegetable. For the kids, mini corn dogs and hot dogs are now available. And, for a warm up, sample their coffees, cappuccinos, hot chocolate and hot teas.

As far as ice cream goes, you can get just about anything you want. Sundaes and specialty sundaes, flurries, dipped cones, shakes, creamers, coolers, slushes, banana splits, and more. Also available are low-calorie and lactose free ice cream flavors. Check out the new candy corn sundae, invented by Kooman’s son, Miles (a 5th grader) or the new pumpkin cheesecake flurry.

Dinner at The Dipper: At Last

When I announced my next food review would be at The Jolly Dipper, my children were so thrilled I thought they might faint. We are regulars as far as ice cream is concerned and huge fans, but had never sampled the food. We pulled up with great anticipation.

There are three picnic tables with umbrellas in front of the eatery if you choose to dine there in warm weather. Normally we would have eaten outside, but the bees have been so bossy this fall we opted to take our food home. My 11-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter both ordered chicken strips and fries, my husband went with a sloppy joe with fries, I opted for the BBQ beef with sweet potato fries.


We unwrapped it all, placed it on plates, and sat down to dine. Everyone chewed away, enjoying their meals. My son noticed his chicken was shaped like an arrowhead. I marveled at the nice texture and taste of my sweet potato fries. The kids said the chicken was wonderful, yet they were shocked how filling it was. They gobbled up their fries very quickly (maybe that’s why the chicken was so filling…just a hunch).

“We should all have a moment of gratitude,” my son announced, realizing we had just finally eaten at The Jolly Dipper. If he had a bucket list, I think that would have been on there.

We returned for ice cream (of course!). My son went for a medium chocolate and vanilla twist cone dipped in chocolate and my daughter a strawberry and vanilla twist cone, in a cup, with sprinkles. I have finally perfected the wording to order that effectively.

Twix and Kit Kat are now flurry possibilities at The Dipper, and I had myself a little party ordering the Twix variety. An old favorite, I probably haven’t had one in at least 10 years. I savored every bite – a delicious ending to a highly anticipated and enjoyable meal for all.


The Short Course

Kid-Friendly: Absolutely
Noise level: Quiet
Bathroom amenities: No public restroom
High chairs: No
Got milk? No, but bottles of water are available
Kids’ Menu: Menu items are kid-friendly. Mini corn dogs and hot dogs recently added to menu.
Food allergy concerns? Lactose free ice cream available. Peanut oil not used. Nuts and peanut butter part of the menu and used on machines.