The Traveling Taco Truck

. September 30, 2014.

Amy May’s Rockin’ Taco

Makes appearances at sporting, charity and special events. Open March 20 to mid-December.
Hours- Monday: 11am to 7pm, Dietsch's parking lot, 400 W. Main Cross St.
Tuesday- Thursday: 11am to 7pm, Carriage House Plaza near Tidy Rides
Friday: 11am to 2:30pm, Carriage House Plaza near Tidy Rides
Watch “Amy May’s Rockin’ Taco” on Facebook for location, hours, specials and new menu items.
Carryout and catering available. Cash and check only.

When you stop at Amy May’s Rockin’ Taco truck, it is her hope that you not only enjoy her delicious food but leave content, feeling like you’ve seen an old pal.

 “I want people to feel like they’re stopping by their friend’s house,” owner Amy May Bollinger said.

Bollinger, and her employee, Samantha Latham, greeted us with a friendly smile. My husband and I really enjoyed our food, and my children – who have never been willing to taste a tiny crumb of taco – sampled custom made fare that they loved.
Watch her Facebook page – she posts her location, hours and any new menu items every day. Amy May is primarily open for lunch, but does have limited dinner hours.

Homemade menu options

The Rockin’ Taco’s menu boasts Bollinger’s own homemade recipes. Culinary school trained, she has always loved to cook. New menu items pop up often, as she creates new recipes with the change of seasons.

Main staples typically available are a $2 taco, your choice of: beef and bean, chicken, barbacoa, carnitas, or steak and bacon. Burritos offerings, which range from $4 to $8.50, are a five-layer, monster with bean and cheese, steak, or barbacoa.

Available additions to your taco or burrito, which are all organic, include lettuce, onion, tomato, cilantro, and, when available, avocado. Customers can also add hot or mild salsa, sour cream or sides such as deluxe nachos, taco salad, chips and cheese or salsa, a bowl of soup, beans, a walking taco, or rice.

Specials and value meals are also available, with cans and bottles of Coke, Diet Coke, Mountain Dew, water and Powerade being the prime drink choices.

Tacos on wheels

Our family rolled up interested in an early evening meal, and our visit was memorable, to say the least. Bollinger has a card table for patrons to use, so we thought we would just dine there, getting a kick out of the traffic on Tiffin Avenue zooming by. She was more than happy to put together a taco I hoped my kids would eat, which we agreed was chicken, lettuce, cheese and sour cream.

As our orders took shape, so did an approaching thunderstorm. My husband swung into action, placed the card table under the nearby “Tidy Rides” car shelter, gathered the kids, and as the wind blew and the rain poured, we sampled our food.

My five-layer taco housed lettuce, tomato, onion, refried beans, cheese, rice, beef, sour cream and mild salsa. It tasted wonderful and I especially enjoyed the freshness of the soft shell, the moderate tang of the salsa, and the appealing mixture of so many great ingredients.

My husband ordered a Coke, two beef tacos and the tortilla chips and cheese as a side. It disappeared quickly, and that is always a compliment.

The biggest shock of the evening was the kids’ delight in their tacos. Not only did my 9-year-old son devour his first taco, but he asked for another – with onions. (Who are you?!)

“This is a taco,” he said looking it over in his hand. “A good one.” He also busted out a, “Yummy, yummy, yummy.”

My 5-year-old daughter ate her taco happily as well. It was so fantastic, to go from dreading the kids’ reactions to feeling proud of them for trying something new and expanding their narrow palettes. They left happy, adorned with red mustaches from their Powerade drinks.

Thanks Amy May, for being so friendly that my kids wanted to give it a chance, and for your card table. If it weren’t for that card table, we would have eaten at home and missed a pretty cool thunderstorm-tacos-along-the-busy-road memory.

The Short Course

Kid-friendly: Yes
To avoid wait: Busiest from noon to 1pm, but never much of a wait
Noise level: Generator that powers the trailer is loud, but after a while you don’t notice it
Bathroom amenities: No public restroom
High Chairs: No, one card table available for dining
Got Milk? No, but typically they have bottles of water and Powerade
Kid’s menu? No, but happy to make something agreeable for your child
Food allergy concerns? Can work with the customer – knows how to work around allergies because of culinary school training