Tony’s Restaurant & Pub: Heaven for Boys (And Anyone who Likes to Eat)

. September 1, 2016.

Tony’s Restaurant & Pub

10280 US 224 | Findlay
Hours: 11am-9pm Sunday-Thursday | 11am-10pm Friday-Saturday
Facebook under “Tony’s Restaurant & Pub”
Takeout and catering available

We entered Tony’s Restaurant & Pub and my 11-year-old son stood agape with wonder. First he spotted the bountiful salad bar, dish after dish and topping after topping beckoning his belly. Then, as our server led us to our seats, he became speechless, reeling in excitement as his eyes took in a whole room of NASCAR. Even the ceiling tiles had cars on them.

“This is the best review ever and I haven’t even eaten the food,” he uttered, wide-eyed.

Our entire family of four enjoyed Tony’s, but no one more than “the boy with the hollow leg,” as we like to call him.

33 Years of Great Food

Owner Tom Brown said Tony’s is best known for its award-winning ribs and all-you-can-eat salad bar. He concocted his own delicious rib sauce, which can be purchased at the restaurant. Brown has spent 33 years in the restaurant business, starting in McComb, then opening Tony’s in Findlay 14 years ago. He has been a NASCAR fan for somewhere around 40 years.

The restaurant is also home of the Big Ben Burger, named after Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who is from Findlay and a friend of the family. The one-pound burger is served with lettuce, tomato and Tony’s barbeque sauce on a 5-inch bun. You can add cheese for 7 cents. (Roethlisberger wears No. 7 in case you’re not in the know.)

Tony’s menu offers a wide selection including sandwiches, wraps, burgers, subs, pizza, soups, salads, food baskets, full-fledged dinners (that include a trip to the salad bar), a wide variety of sides and appetizers, and several delectable desserts. The children’s menu is full of variety as well, from your standard chicken and fries to chicken chunks, hot dog, BBQ pork, spaghetti and more.

Remember Salami?

For my meal, I selected the Tony’s Sub – ham, salami, Mozzarella cheese, and creamy Italian dressing. On the side, I went with a baked potato. 

It was creamy and soft and I loaded it with butter, salt and pepper. I hadn’t had salami in a long time and noticed the extra spice it added to the flavorful dressing, melted cheese and tomato that burst with each bite. If it’s fresh and has melted cheese, you can bet I will be smiling.

I assisted my son during his trip to the salad bar, and he was able to load his lettuce with all of his favorite toppings – red onion, croutons, carrots, hard boiled egg and ranch dressing. While there was a tempting variety of cold salads such as potato, macaroni, coleslaw and more, he passed them over for Goldfish crackers, strawberries, a muffin and an Oreo dessert salad. He happily crunched through his salad, then the other selections on the plate, taking exceptional delight in the Oreo dessert.

Add Pizza to the Tony’s Headliner List

My husband and 7-year-old daughter selected pizza for their meals – his a pepperoni with extra cheese, hers plain cheese. My husband said he doesn’t typically like thinner crust pizza, but the cheese made it great. It checked the boxes for my daughter, who loves cheese, and prefers less spicy sauce. And she’s totally sold when she can load up with her own shaker of Parmesan. It looked so good, I had to have a bite.

The crust was soft and almost gooey. I wouldn’t call it thin-crust, but it wasn’t really thick either. The cheese was amazing, the sauce was amazing. My meal was wonderful, and there are many things I’d like to try on the menu, but I will get some pizza of my own next time. This was a really special find.

Mr. Hollow Leg needed some pizza too, and through some gasping with delight said, “This is great. The cheese is just great, very fresh and…wow. The crust is so soft and crunchy – like an old pillow.” I’m not totally sure what that means. 

Translation: He loved it! As we left Tony’s, he asked when we could come back.

Very soon, son. Very soon.

The Short Course

Kid-friendly: Very
Noise level: Moderate
Bathroom amenities: Clean and adequate. Changing table available.
High chairs: Yes
Got milk? White and chocolate
Kids’ menu? Yes, exceptional with wide variety of choices
Food allergy concerns? Foods containing allergens are marked on the salad bar. Owner Tom Brown said to also let your server know and they will accommodate as best they can.