Wild about wings

. February 28, 2013.

It has been years since we’d been to Buffalo Wild Wings. The last time we went, my teenager was a toddler. Time for another visit, right?
A lot has changed about the restaurant at 15080 Flag City Drive, next to Menard’s. The dining area is more open and airy, yet still separated from the bar area by a high wall. The televisions have multiplied like bunnies. Some things are the same as we remember, though, and they definitely a good taste.

The first order of business was explaining to my youngest that buffalo don’t have wings. The “buffalo” comes from authentic Buffalo, N.Y.-style chicken wings that are coated or “spun” in special sauce.  BW3 — or B-Dubs, as it’s called — offers more than 20 ways to tweak your wings, with sauces ranging in heat from smilin’ to screamin.’ We were not quite ready to try the hottest  “Blazin’” sauce, which came with a menu admonition to keep it away from eyes, pets and children. My family played it safe and stayed on the sweeter side of the menu sharing boneless wings in teriyaki sauce.

Both of my offspring ordered the child’s portion of chicken tenders ($4.39), which comes with a side choice of fruit cup, carrots or French fries and a drink. Other options for kids include macaroni and cheese, mini corn dogs and a smaller portion of wings. My husband had a side salad ($3.49) and cheeseburger ($8.49). I am a garlic lover, and gave in to the temptation to try the roasted garlic mushrooms appetizer ($5.69). Said my husband, not a garlic lover, “Go ahead, I don’t have to kiss you anytime soon.”
And yes, vegetarians, there is an option for you in a restaurant celebrating chicken wings. I built my own burger starting with a black bean patty ($7.99) and was able to order various toppings. Other burger starters include beef, grilled chicken and crispy chicken, and side choices of fries or chips and salsa are offered.

Everyone was happy with their meals — so happy, in fact, that we didn’t have any leftovers to bring home! The wings were gobbled up by the carnivores at the table, who declared them juicy and delicious.

And for the record, those garlic mushrooms didn’t overdo the garlic at all — using just a nice hint. I am, however, not the best judge since I’ve been known to roast garlic and spread it on toast. My youngest, who shares my love for spice, also declared them delicious.
Our only regret about Buffalo Wild Wings? We passed up dessert. Desserts included ice cream with caramel or chocolate topping ($1.99) or chocolate fudge cake ($4.79), drizzled with chocolate sauce and served with vanilla ice cream.

We certainly could have gotten dessert to go, since BW3’s does a brisk business in carry out as well. No matter. It will give us something to look forward to on our next visit!


Kid-friendly Yes
To avoid wait Consider off-peak times and avoid the big games, since there are dozens of televisions to attract the sports fans.
Noise level Moderate to loud unless a big game is on
Bathroom amenities Changing tables in both men’s and women’s restrooms
High Chairs Yes
Got Milk Yes, along with lemonade
Kid’s menu? Yes
Anything healthy for the kids?
Sides include fruit cup and carrots
Food allergy concerns? The website, www.buffalowildwings.com, offers a full allergen list of most items