January 2019 Giveaway—Bob the Builder Mash and Mold Construction Site

. January 3, 2019.

Bob the Builder has a new construction project and needs your budding builder’s help on the work site! This playset is jam-packed with all the right tools and equipment needed for little builders to see their building projects through from the ground up, back down to the ground, and then back up again.

The Mash and Mold Construction Site includes four easy-to-use, easy-to-move hexagonal tiles which act as the multi-purpose base of the playset. Each hex base piece can be used to store the mold trays, tools, and they also feature a variety of different construction textures and imprints such as tread marks, gravel, piping, and a sledge hammer! Located right on the construction site is Bob’s mobile mold-press garage which comes with two custom mold trays that each feature their own pairs of textures. Simply place one of the mold trays onto the press, place some Mash and Mold Playsand into the mold, slide the tray in, press the top of the garage, and slide the tray out. Plus, the garage is home to over 9 different molds and textures (including the trays)!