2016 Childcare & Preschool Guide

. March 2, 2016.

Taking the first step

You don’t want to leave your little tike alone, but sometimes life (or the need to relax) requires some personal time. We’ve found some of the best local options to let your child grow, learn and prepare for kindergarten and beyond. 


Around the Clock Childcare

920 McManness Ave.

Educational philosophy: Around the Clock uses Creative Curriculum Online Gold, a spiraling curriculum, so that as children advance, the curriculum advances with them. Parents can view their child’s progress online. The center also uses the educational program ABC Mouse, which parents can work on at home. If a child is having a hard time in a particular area, parents can use ABC Mouse as a tool to improve. Care available for ages infant to 13 years.

Tours and open houses available: Calls are welcome for an appointment during nap time to avoid learning interruption, between noon and 1:30pm.

Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: Infants 4:1, preschool 10:1, school-age 15:1, toddlers 6:1

Hours of operation: Open until: 9:30pm Sunday,- midnight Friday, closed Saturday.

Daily activities: Circle time, small groups to work on intentional teaching (such as the alphabet), science projects, patterning, writing in journals, outside play when possible, music, and more.

Nap times? Yes 

Meals and snacks provided? Yes, snacks and all meals available.

Potty training required? No, it is part of the Toddler Room curriculum.


Children’s Corner

2125 Park St. (preschool-school age)
3330 Oakland Ave. (6 weeks-3 years)

419-422-0618 | Facebook

Educational philosophy: Structured kindergarten readiness along with play–based activities throughout the day.

Tours and open houses available: Call the center or 419-306-4573 to set up a tour.

Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: Infants 1:5; toddlers (18 months-3 years) 1:7; 3- year -olds 1:12; 4 & 5 year -olds 1:14; school-age 1:18

Hours of operation: 2125 Park St. 5:30am–6pm Monday–Friday; 3330 Oakland Ave., 6am–6pm Monday–Friday 

Daily activities: Free play, kids help with clean-up, three main learning areas for learning- letters, shapes, numbers, colors, getting along, group games, story time and circle time.

Nap times? Yes.

Meals and snacks provided? Yes, breakfast, lunch and two snacks are available.

Potty training required? Park St. location: Yes.  /  Oakland Ave. location: No.


Almost Home Infant Care and Preschool

801 Lincoln St.
419-427-2721 | almosthomekids.com

Educational philosophy: Located on a beautiful one acre property, Almost Home is a licensed 3–star rated childcare center and preschool serving Findlay since 1998. Almost Home provides care and education to children 6 weeks old through 8 years of age, and also offers before and after-school care to children in grades K–2 with transportation to Findlay City Schools. A full–time summer camp program is available for school-aged children as well.

Tours and open houses available: Call to make an appointment.

Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: Infant 1:4; toddler 1:6; preschool 1:12

Hours of operation: Year round: 6am–6pm Monday–Friday.

Daily activities: Full-day and half-day preschool options are very structured with a focus on kindergarten readiness and reading preparation, with a degreed teacher in each class and a full-time registered nurse on staff.

Nap times? Full-day preschool students nap, half-day preschool and school aged kids do not.

Meals and snacks provided? Hot breakfast and afternoon snack provided. Pack lunch.

Potty training required? No, help will be provided.


Merry Time Nursery School 

225 W. Bigelow Ave.
419-366-3742 | carriehammond@aol.com

Educational philosophy: Merry Time Nursery School is a learning center that strives to foster optimum growth and development in preschool-aged children. Focus on the total child, including the physical, mental, social and emotional development of each individual, the school’s atmosphere is based on a loving concern for each child.

Tours and open houses available: Please call for a private tour.

Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: 1:10; children need to be age 4 by October 1. 

Hours of operation: 9–11:30am Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

Daily activities: Storyland with extension activities, free-play learning centers, snacks, art, large motor activities.

Nap times? No. 

Meals and snacks provided? Yes.

Potty training required? Yes.


Something Special Learning Center 

655 Fox Run Rd., Suite J
419-422-1400 | 

Daily activities: A balance of age-appropriate activities designed to encourage learning and exploration.

Nap times? Yes, typically between noon and 2pm.

Meals and snacks provided? Yes, a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack.

Potty training required? No, teachers will work with the families on potty training.


Sunshine Child Care Center

115 Ely Ave.

Educational philosophy: Sunshine Child Care Center aspires to help children thrive by loving each child as the special individual they are, inspiring them to be explorers of their world, teaching clear Christian values, preparing their minds for future education goals, while ensuring a safe environment. 

Tours and open houses available: By appointment.

Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: 3–year -olds 8:1; 4–year olds 12:1; 5–year olds 14:1.

Hours of operation: 6am–5:30pm Monday–Friday.

Daily activities: Chapel, guided play, independent play, arts & crafts, educational activities (math, science, alphabet, writing, etc.)

Nap times? 1-2:30pm.

Meals and snacks provided? Yes, lunch and an afternoon snack.

Potty training required? Yes.


Washington Preschool

Findlay Schools

1100 Broad Ave.
419-425-8231 | preschool.findlaycityschools.org

Educational philosophy: Provide our children with a variety of age appropriate play, literacy, learning experiences, technology exploration and social activities so that they will develop a strong foundation as future learners.

Tours and open houses available: Call to make an appointment.

Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: 2:16

Hours of operation: 9am–3:40pm, Monday–Friday.

Daily activities: Our classrooms offer a wide range of technology experiences as well as developmentally appropriate hands on experiences. Through these activities, the children discover who they are by relating to other children, adults, and exploration of their environment. A mix of active and quiet play, art, literacy and math activities are provided as well as large motor opportunities.

Nap times? No.

Meals and snacks provided? A snack is provided and lunch is offered through Findlay City Schools.

Potty training required? Yes.


HHWP Community Action Commission Head Start

545 Winfield Ave.
419-423-3147 | hhwpcac.org

Educational philosophy: This free preschool uses Creative Curriculum to prepare children for kindergarten by providing fun and educational activities that meet the child’s interests and developmental level.

Tours and open houses available: Business hours or by appointment.

Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: 2:20

Hours of operation: Office hours: 8am–4:30pm Monday–Friday; Class hours: 8:30am–noon or noon–3:30pm.

Daily activities: Activities are designed to enrich the children’s skill levels for kindergarten around literacy, arts, science, math, social/emotional development. For example: If we are talking about vehicles this week, we might read books about different vehicles and talk about what letter car starts with (literacy), draw or build vehicles out of boxes or blocks (art), see whether the heavy car or the light car goes down a hill faster (science), count the red and blue cars (math), and learn to take turns in the pedal cars (social /emotional).

Nap times? No

Meals and snacks provided? A free breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack is provided.

Potty training required? No.


Immanuel Lutheran Church and Preschool

2300 Northridge Rd.
419-422-8209 | immanuelfindlay.org/community/ | preschool-information.html

Educational philosophy: Immanuel Lutheran Church and Preschool offers a safe, moral, and positive environment for child development.

Tours and open houses available: Call the office to schedule a visit, 8:30am–3pm Tuesday–Friday.

Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: 3- year-olds 2:12; 4 & 5 -year -olds 2:16.

Hours of operation: For ages 4 & 5: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Morning class: 9–11:30am, afternoon class: 12:30–3pm; For 3–year -olds: Tuesdays & Thursday morning class: 9–11am.

Daily activities: Play time, circle time, craft, story and planned lessons.

Nap times? No.

Meals and snacks provided? No meal, but there is a rotating snack schedule.

Potty training required? Yes.


Jack & Jill Preschool 

120 W. Sandusky St. 
419-422-7740 | jackandjillfindlay.org

Educational philosophy: Jack & Jill Preschool provides an affordable preschool program devoted to enhancing the lives of young children, ages 3–5, through a curriculum that is based on the Ohio Department Early Education standards.

Tours and open houses available: Please call for an appointment. Open house 6–7pm on March 2.

Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: 1:10

Hours of operation: Morning session: 9–11:30am; Afternoon session: 12:30–3pm.

Daily activities: Free-play, circle time, literacy activities, hands-on centers with blocks, dramatic play, science, books, writing, motor activities in the gym, children help with clean-up.

Nap times? No.

Meals and snacks provided? Parents sign-up to provide snack.

Potty training required? Not required, but preferred.


Children’s Mentoring Connection

305 E. Lincoln St.
419-424-9752 | hancockmentors.org

Educational philosophy: Hancock County’s Children’s Mentoring Connection (CMC) matches a boy or girl (6–14 years old), primarily from single parent households with a stable adult mentor who will provide consistent and dependable guidance, understanding, acceptance, fun and support. The agency staff recruits, screens and closely evaluates adult applicants while gathering a complete history and personality profile on each youth applicant. Once a match between adult and child is made, follow–up supervision and guidance is provided. The volunteer works with the child in an asset -building relationship in the areas of growth and development, prevention, life skills, problem solving and decision making. Volunteer opportunities are available in the community and in local schools. Call CMC or check out the CMC website to find out how to enroll a child or become a mentor today.


Findlay Family YMCA Child Development Center

231 E. Lincoln St.
419-422-3174 | 

Educational philosophy: The Findlay Family YMCA Child Development Center is designed to enhance the lives of children and to provide a positive environment for independent growth. All children are provided with time for learning, planning, investigating and problem solving. The center offers full-day child care while incorporating a preschool program that meets core standards and prepares children for kindergarten. Offering before and after-school care for children kindergarten thru 5th grade, and full-day care during the summer, the schoolage Summer Adventure Program keeps children educationally entertained.


St. Michael the Archangel Catholic School Academy of Angels

723 Sutton Place
419-423-2738 | findlaystmichaelschool.org

Educational philosophy: In God’s time we grow;- everybody is a somebody.

Tours and open houses available: Call for a school tour.

Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: 1:10 or smaller.

Hours of operation: All day kindergarten readiness: 8am–2:25pm; Preschool: 8:30–11am.

Daily activities: Art activities and crafts, story time, science activities, center–based free-play, dramatic play, a reading center, large and fine motor skills, library, music class, kids help with clean-up and prayer.

Nap times? No.

Meals and snacks provided? Children may pack a lunch or purchase one from the cafeteria. Families provide snacks to share. 

Potty training required? Yes.


Marilyn’s Lifelong Educational Center 

15100 Birchhaven Lane

Educational philosophy: Marilyn’s Lifelong Educational Center encourages the social, physical, emotional, and cognitive growth of young children while providing them with the opportunity to interact with seniors. Children learn through hands-on explorations and daily interactions with guidance within a natural family–like environment. Educational explorations are implemented by teachers and designed to help children learn life skills and gain an academic advantage. The center is a 5-star quality program which serves children ages 6 weeks to 5 years.

Tours and open houses available: Available by appointment.

Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: Infant one, 1:5; infant two, 1:6; toddler one, 1:6; toddler two, 1:7; preschool 1:10

Hours of operation: 5:45am–6pm Monday-Friday.

Daily activities: Activities vary per age group/classroom: creative arts, literacy, math, science, music, large muscle, dramatic play, social engagement, self–help skills, inter-generational activities and more.

Nap times? Yes, depending on the age group.

Meals and snacks provided? Yes, both meals and snacks.

Potty training required? Only to be enrolled in a preschool classroom.