Childcare and Preschool Guide

. February 27, 2015.

Findlay Area Family is dedicated to providing parents with the best options for their children. For over four years, our commitment has been steadfast helping little learners find a place that is comfortable and promotes learning and growing with our Childcare & Preschool Guide. Trust us when it comes to choosing programs that are right for your family!

Hancock County Head Start Program
P.O. Box 179
419-423-3755, ext. 221 

Educational philosophy: They prepare children for Kindergarten through fun/educational activities that meet children’s interests and developmental levels. All services free.

Tours and open houses available: Call to make an appointment 

Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: 2 teachers: 20 children

Hours of operation: Office hours are Monday-Friday from 8am-4:30pm 

Daily activities: Activities based on children’s interests. If children are interested in vehicles, they read about vehicles/learn “Car” starts with “C” (literacy), build vehicles (art), heavier cars go downhill faster (science), count cars (math), and take turns in pedal cars (social /emotional).

Nap times? No 

Meals and snacks provided? AM classes receive breakfast & lunch and PM classes receive lunch & snack

Potty training required? No


Jack & Jill Preschool 
120 W. Sandusky St.

Educational philosophy: Each child is a unique individual and learns by hands-on experiences of work through play. Devoted to enhancing lives of young children ages 3-6, based Ohio Department of Education Early Learning Content Standards. 

Tours and open houses available: Tours welcomed any time by appointment. Open house  Wednesday, March 4 from 6:30-7:30pm. 

Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: Two teachers to 17 children.

Hours of operation: Monday – Friday  9-11:30am. Afternoon Pre-K is Monday -Thursday 12:30-3pm. 

Daily activities: Circle time, free play, snack, art, literacy, small motor and large motor skills

Nap times? No

Meals and snacks provided? No

Potty training required? No


Merry Time Nursery School
225 W. Bigelow Ave.

Educational philosophy: Merry Time Nursery School is a learning center that strives to foster optimum growth and development in preschool age children. They focus on the total child, including the physical, mental, social and emotional development of each individual. The atmosphere is based on a loving concern for each child. 

Tours and open houses available: Personal tours available by request 

Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: 1:9

Hours of operation: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 9-11:30am

Daily activities: Storyland, free play (learning centers), art, snack, large muscle activities, songs and fingerplays

Nap times? No

Meals and snacks provided: Daily snacks provided

Potty training required? Yes


St. Michael Catholic School Academy of Angels
723 Sutton Place

Educational philosophy: They allow children to grow in God’s time.

Tours and open houses available: Open houses were in January however, call to make arrangements to tour the school.

Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: 1:10 or smaller

Hours of operation: All day Kindergarten Readiness from 8am-2:25pm and preschool from 8:30-11am

Daily activities: Art activities, story time, play time, large and fine motor activities

Nap times: 12:30–1:30pm

Meals and snacks provided: Children may purchase lunch from the cafeteria or they may pack a lunch. Families provide snacks to share.

Potty training required? Yes


Something Special Learning Center
655 Fox Run Rd., Suite J

Educational Philosophy: They strive to provide a high quality childhood program that provides a nurturing environment which promotes creativity through music and art, encourages the child to engage in language arts, health, math and science, large motor and dramatic play. 

Tours and open houses available: They have an open-door policy and parents are welcome to visit anytime. 

Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: They strive for small classrooms and follow state guidelines. 

Hours of operation: 6am-6pm

Daily activities: A balance of active and structured activities with a focus on education and fun

Nap times: Children ages five and below are provided time to rest and refresh.

Meals and snacks provided: They serve hot, nutritious meals including breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. 

Potty training required? No, they welcome children at all ages of development. 


Around the Clock, Inc.
920 McManness Ave.

Educational philosophy: Their belief at Around the Clock Daycare is for every child to be given every opportunity to learn and be successful in the classroom. The teacher’s role is to ensure every child is provided with a good education so that they may achieve to the best of their abilities and may become a prosperous citizen in society. The classroom space should promote a happy and nurturing learning environment. Good, positive attitudes, an understanding and respect for others, a consistent demeanor, an emphasis on teaching all children as well as clear and disciplinary procedures can make the success happen.

Tours and open houses available: Tours are welcome anytime with ATC opened around the clock.

Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: Infant 1:5, Toddler A 1:6, Toddler B 1:7, Pre-K 1:12, School-age 1:18

Hours of operation: Sunday evening 9:30pm until Friday at midnight.

Daily Activities: They follow Creative Curriculum which includes social/emotional skills, Language Arts, Gross/Fine motor skills, Music, Science, and Math skills.

Nap times: Schedule for 1st shift is for 1 1/2 hours after lunch and evening lay down is 8pm.

Meals and snacks provided? No

Potty training required? No, they work with toddlers to help assist parents with training.