Childcare & preschool guide

. March 2, 2017.

Leaving your baby-whether your baby is 6 weeks old or 3 years old-with another caregiver can be incredibly tough (or a big relief!). We compiled a quick list of some of the best local centers and schools that will allow your child to learn independence and flourish in a school setting.


Is the school play-based or curriculum-based?
Does the school provide support for children with special needs?
Does the center have early drop off and/ or late pick up for working parents?
Is the location and program a good fit for your child and family?
What is the adult to child ratio?

1 Amazing Place

207 E. Foulke Ave.
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Educational philosophy: School experiences at 1 Amazing Place stimulates intellectual development, self-reliance, creativity, problem solving abilities, hand-eye coordination (needed for reading and writing) as well as large motor skills and providing the tools needed to get along with others. The center is a play and fun-oriented school, not a paper and pencil structured environment, with the goal of making every child feel happy and safe while learning and growing at his/her own rate.
Tours and open houses available: There is an open door policy. Stop in anytime.
Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: Infant 1:5; Toddler (up to 18 mos.) 1:7; Toddler (18 mos. – 3 years) 1:8; Preschool (age 3) 1:12; Preschool (ages 4 & 5) 1:14; School age 1:18.
Hours of operation: 6am-6pm Monday-Friday.
Nap times? Daily naps for infant to preschool ages.
Meals and snacks provided? Yes, breakfast, lunch and two snacks are provided.
Potty training required? No, the center helps train toddlers up to age 3.

Almost Home Infant
Care & Preschool

801 E. Lincoln St. | 419-427-2721
Educational philosophy: Almost home is an award winning program recognized for
exceeding state standards in curriculum development, class sizes and teacher to child
ratios. They educate and care for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school children
in a beautiful and peaceful, home-like setting. Almost home is a family-oriented
center that partners with all of their best community resources to provide a rich and
meaningful educational experience for your child. Happy, healthy children receiving the
best possible education is the very foundation of what they do.
Tours and open houses available: Call to make an appointment.
Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: Infant 1:4; Toddler 1:6; Preschool 1:12.
Hours of operation: 6am-6pm Monday- Friday.
Daily activities: Full-day and half-day preschool options are very structured with a
focus on kindergarten readiness and reading preparation, with a degreed teacher and a
full-time registered nurse on staff.
Nap times? Full-day preschool students nap. Half-day preschool and school age
children do not.
Meals and snacks provided? Hot breakfast and afternoon snack provided. Pack lunch.
Potty training required? No, help will be provided.

Children’s Corner

2125 Park St. (Preschool – School Age)
333 Oakland Ave. (6 weeks – 3 years)
419-422-0618 (Preschool)
419-423-5055 (Infant/Toddler)
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Educational philosophy: At Children’s Corner, they believe that each and every child needs an environment that allows them to grow and develop physically, socially, and
intellectually. They strive to provide an enjoyable, learning atmosphere for the young child and peace of mind for the working parent.
Tours and open houses available: Call the center to set up a tour.
Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: Infants 1:5; Toddler (18 months – 3 years) 1:7; 3 year olds 1:12; 4 and 5 year olds 1:14; School age 1:18. Hours of operation: 2125 Park St.
5:30am-6pm Monday-Friday; 333 Oakland Ave. 6am-6pm Monday- Friday.
Daily activities: Free play, kids help with cleanup, three main learning areas for learning letters, shapes, numbers, colors, getting along, group games, story time and circle time.
Nap times? Yes.
Meals and snacks provided? Yes. Breakfast, lunch and two snacks are available.
Potty training required? Park St. location: Yes. Oakland Ave. location: No.

Something Special Learning Center

655 Fox Run Dr. | Suite J
419-422-1400 |
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Educational philosophy: Something Special Learning Center is a licensed facility for the care of children. They believe each child is unique, special and has something incredible to offer. Tours and open houses available: Upon request.
Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: Infants 1:5; Toddler one 1:6; Toddler two 1:7; Pre-K one 1:8; Pre-K two 1:12; Kindergarten readiness 1:14; School age 1:18.
Hours of operation: 6am-6pm Monday-Friday.
Daily activities: A balance of age-appropriate activities designed to encourage learning and exploration.
Nap times? Yes, typically between 12pm-2pm.
Meals and snacks provided? Yes, a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack.
Potty training required? No. Teachers will work with the families on potty training.

First Presbyterian Church
Nursery School

2330 S. Main St.
419-423-2112 ext. 30 |
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Educational philosophy: A child learns through developmentally appropriate
play in the preschool years, thus the learning program at FPCNS is playoriented.
Play is a child’s work! Play provides an opportunity for hands-on learning and discovery through the use of a wide variety of materials.
Tours and open houses available: By appointment.
Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: 3 year olds 2:16; 4 year olds 2:18.
Hours of operation: 8am-12pm Monday-Friday.
Daily activities: Thematic units using children’s literature, hands-on science experiments, music/movement, dramatic play, creative art activities, exploring art with different media, small motor manipulatives, large building blocks, cooking fun, letter of the week and premath manipulatives.
Nap times? No.
Potty training required? Yes.

Merry Time Nursery

225 W. Bigelow Ave. | 419-366-3742
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Educational philosophy: Merry Time Nursery School is a learning center that strives to foster optimum growth and development in preschool age children. They focus on the total child, including the physical, mental, social and emotional development of each individual. They believe that what a child learns and how he/she learns it during the preschool years greatly influences his/her attitude and adjustment as he/she matures.
Tours and open houses available: Please call for a private tour.
Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: 1:10; Children need to be age 4 by October 1.
Hours of operation: 9-11:30am Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (September- May).
Daily activities: Storyland with extension activities, free play learning centers, snacks, art, large motor activities.
Nap times? No.
Meals and snacks provided? Yes.

Children’s Mentoring

305 E. Lincoln St. | 419-424-9752
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Connection of Hancock County
Educational philosophy: Hancock County’s Children’s Mentoring Connection (CMC) matches a boy or girl (6-14 years old), primarily from single parent households, with a stable adult mentor who will provide consistent and dependable guidance, understanding, acceptance, fun and support. The agency staff recruits, screens and closely evaluates adult applicants while gathering a complete history and personality profile on each youth applicant.
Once a match between adult and child is made, follow-up supervision and guidance is provided. The volunteer works with the child in an asset building relationship in the areas of growth and development, prevention, life skills, problem solving and decision making. Volunteer opportunities are available in the community and in local schools. Call CMC or check out the CMC website to find out how to enroll or become a mentor today.

St. Michael the Archangel
Catholic School Academy of

723 Sutton Place | 419-423-2738
Educational philosophy: At the center of education at St. Michael the Archangel School in Findlay, Ohio are beliefs and teachings of the Catholic Church. St. Michael offers a challenging curriculum steeped in Catholic tradition and conveyed by inventive and dedicated teachers who hold high academic and behavioral standards. They help to
develop our next generation of Catholic leaders by developing their faith and
providing an atmosphere in which the Gospel message is at the fore. Their educators
excel at making these beliefs come alive in themselves and in those whom they teach, while emphasizing a Spiritfilled, faith-based community.
Tours and open houses available: Call for a school tour.
Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: 1:10 or smaller.
Hours of operation: All day Kindergarten readiness: 8am-2:25pm; Preschool: 8:30-11am.
Daily activities: Art activities and crafts, story time, science activities, centerbased free-play, dramatic play, use of a reading center, development of large and fine motor skills, library, music class, and kids help with cleanup and prayer.
Nap times? No.
Meals and snacks provided? Children may pack a lunch or purchase one from the cafeteria. Families provide snacks to share.
Potty training required? Yes.

Jack & Jill Preschool

120 W. Sandusky St. | 419-422-7740
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Educational philosophy: At Jack & Jill Preschool they believe that each child is a unique individual with special gifts and talents. The needs of the whole child must be considered and nurtured when planning any activity or environment for young children. Parents are the primary educators of their children and that they serve to support the family in its child-rearing role. Children must be nurtured and respected as they go about their everyday role of work through play. They acknowledge that growth during the early years is uneven and that each child learns at his/her own pace. As such, developmentally appropriate curriculum is planned to meet the needs of each child.
Tours and open houses
available: Please call for an appointment.
Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: 1:10.
Hours of operation: Morning session: 9-11:30am; Afternoon session: 12:30-3pm.
Daily activities: Free-play, circle time, literacy activities, hands-on centers with blocks,
dramatic play, science, books, writing, motor activities in the gym, children helping with
Nap times? No.
Meals and snacks provided? Parents sign up to provide snack.
Potty training required? Not required but preferred.

Sunshine Child Care Center

115 Ely Ave. | 419-422-0213
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Educational philosophy: Sunshine Child Care Center aspires to help children thrive by loving each child as the special individual they are, inspiring them to be explorers of their
world, teaching clear Christian values, and preparing their minds for future educational goals while ensuring a safe environment.
Tours and open houses available: By appointment.
Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: 3 year olds 1:8; 4 year olds 1:12; 5 year olds 1:14.
Hours of operation: 6am-5:30pm, Monday-Friday.
Daily activities: Chapel, guided play, independent play, arts and crafts, educational
activities (math, science, alphabet, writing, etc.).
Nap times? Yes. 12:30pm.
Meals and snacks provided? Yes.
Lunch and an afternoon snack.
Potty training required? Yes.

HHWP Community
Action Commission

545 Winfield Ave.
419-423-3147 ext. 307 or 309
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Educational philosophy: This free preschool uses Creative Curriculum to
prepare children for Kindergarten by providing fun and educational activities
that meet the child’s interests and developmental levels.
Tours and open houses available:
Business hours or by appointment. Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: 2:20.
Hours of operation: Office hours: 8am-4:30pm Monday-Friday; Class hours 8:30am-12:00pm or 12:00pm- 3:30pm.
Daily activities: Activities are designed to enrich the children’s skill levels for kindergarten around literacy, arts, science, math and social/emotional development.
Nap times? No.
Meals and snacks provided? A free breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack is provided.
Potty training required? No.

Washington Preschool Findlay City Schools

1100 Broad Ave. | 419-425-8245
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Educational philosophy: Washington Preschool provides children with a variety of age appropriate play, literacy, learning experiences, technology exploration and social activities so they will develop a strong foundation as future learners.
Tours and open houses available: Call to make an appointment.
Caregiver or teacher/student ratio: 2:16.
Hours of operation: 9am-3:40pm Monday-Friday.
Daily activities: Their classrooms offer an abundance of technology experiences as well as developmentally appropriate hands on experiences. Through these activities, the children discover who they are by relating to the other children, adults, and the environment. A mix of active and quiet play, art, literacy and math activities are provided as well as large motor opportunities.
Nap times? No.
Meals and snacks provided? A snack is provided and lunch is offered
through Findlay City Schools.
Potty training required? Yes.