Head of the Class 2017


They say great administrators inspire creativity in teachers and passionate learning from students. Meet some of the principals and superintendents that make the schools of Hancock County a great place to learn.


Anne Brehm – Principal

St Michael School
723 Sutton Place, Findlay
419-423- 2738

What is your mission for St. Michael School?
Our first and foremost goal at St. Michael School is to teach the Catholic faith. We strive to provide students with a well-rounded curriculum including gym, art, and music, strong academics, and a solid background in the Catholic faith.  My personal goal is for each child to engage in an activity every day that they enjoy; whether it is a club, sport, or academic activity.

What inspires you each day?
Interacting with the students on a daily basis.  I greet the students every morning as they walk into the building. I want them to be happy, safe, and to learn about God.

How did you become interested in educational leadership?
I have been the principal at St. Michael School for 17 years. I loved being a classroom teacher but saw a need for leadership and thought I could help.


Bev Bechstein – Executive Director

Montessori School of Bowling Green
515 Sand Ridge Rd., Bowling Green
419-352- 4203

What is your mission for Montessori School of Bowling Green?
The Montessori School of Bowling Green is a nurturing community that educates the whole child in a Montessori environment. In that environment children develop mutual respect, personal responsibility, and a passion for learning.  Our hands-on, authentic approach makes children excited about learning and motivated to explore the world. We are one of the only accredited Montessori schools in Northwest Ohio and have families that drive from Findlay, Perrysburg, and even Toledo to attend our school.

What inspires you each day?
Our school is very much community based. It’s refreshing and inspiring to see students, parents, community members, faculty, and our volunteer board members come together to provide the children of the Montessori School of Bowling Green  with a rich and meaningful education.

How did you become interested in educational leadership?
I began my career in education 28 years ago working with students with special needs. When it was time for my children to begin their schooling I choose the Montessori School of Bowling Green. After working as a teacher at the Montessori school for a few years, the executive director position became available and with my background is special education and Montessori experience it was a perfect fit.


Dr. Larry Cook – Interim Superintendent

Liberty Benton
9190 County Road 9, Findlay

What is your mission for Liberty Benton Schools?
Coming into the district as an interim superintendent, my mission is to carry on the excellent traditions that have been established by the staff, students, and community. As I discover opportunities, whether they are academic, athletic, or extracurricular, where teachers and principals are looking to improve I plan to dig right in to help.

What inspires you each day?
I am inspired by the feeling that I have or can have a positive impact on the people that I work with. I feel that Liberty Benton is a lighthouse district in Hancock County and I am looking forward to working here.

How did you become interested in educational leadership?
I started my career as a high school math teacher and coach in 1973. I had no thoughts of becoming a principal or a superintendent but was asked by a principal to consider administration. As opportunities came along, I took them. I took my first superintendent position in 1982 and have been working as superintendent ever since. I have also been teaching educational administration classes at Bowling Green State University, the University of Findlay, and Ashland University which has kept me in touch with the next generation of leaders in education.


Andrew Sprang – Superintendent

Fostoria City Schools
419-436- 4100
1001 Park Ave., Fostoria

What is your mission for Fostoria City Schools?
Our vision is “Inspire. Succeed. Leave a Legacy.”  Personally, this means giving our students the best opportunities possible and making sure that they are prepared to go out and be productive citizens in society after they complete school.

What inspires you each day?
Each day my focus and drive is helping put students in the best position to be successful. I am a firm believer in wanting future generations to be better prepared, more successful, and to accomplish all of their goals.  If we can touch the lives of children in a positive manner each day then we have accomplished our goals.  It is important for me to look at each day and think about did I do what is best for kids.  If the answer is yes then I have had a successful day.

How did you become interested in educational leadership?
Educational leadership was not an original goal when I became an educator.  I actually said I would never want to be an administrator.  As time went on, and after serving on many leadership teams as a teacher, I began taking coursework to obtain my license. The goal became to make a difference in more than just my classroom and start looking at things from a building level as a principal to now as a superintendent.


Dr. Vicki Wheatley – Superintendent

Tiffin City Schools
244 South Monroe St., Tiffin
419-447- 2515

What is your mission for Tiffin City Schools?
My focus is, of course, education but I am also looking at our students  as a whole. I want to make sure their social, emotional, and physical needs are being met in addition to providing academic guidance and preparation for graduation. Tiffin City Schools has partnered with local healthcare providers to offer dental cleanings and sealants, counseling services, and doctors in our school buildings. My hope is that by providing these services at school, we are eliminating barriers and making them accessible to every child.

What inspires you each day?
The children. I enjoy going into the classrooms and seeing the magnificent things the teachers are doing with them. Last year I had the opportunity to serve breakfast at a different Tiffin City School every day of the week. I did that for a year and got to know many of our students on a more personal level.

How did you become interested in educational leadership?
When I was a classroom teacher I had a principal tell me that he recognized leadership skills in me. Even though I loved the classroom, I realized that I could have a positive effect on my people at an administration level. I have been the superintendent of Tiffin City Schools for the past three years and have found leadership to be very rewarding.


Tim England – Principal

Heritage Christian School
2000 Broad Ave., Findlay

What is your mission for Heritage Christian School?
Our mission statement is “Making and Maturing Disciples.” We are a Christian school and strive to use academics and sports to point our students toward Christ. We are equipping our students academically and spiritually to become adults who honor and serve God.

What inspires you each day?
I am inspired by the people that I work with at Heritage Christian School, both the faculty and students. I enjoy the Christian environment and climate of the school. I look forward to coming to work here every day.

How did you become interested in educational leadership?
Having great teachers as a child is what inspired me to become a teacher. In high school I had a principal make a positive impact on me and I knew then I wanted to become not just a teacher but also a principal. I taught for 2 years before becoming an assistant principal and then moved on to a high school principalship before coming to Heritage Christian.


Cathy Krupp – Principal

St. Wendelin Catholic School
533 N. Countyline St., Fostoria
419-435- 8144

What is your mission at St. Wendelin School?
Our mission is to model and lead students to become followers of Jesus Christ. Faith is the center of all we do. Our children are the leaders of tomorrow and we want to guide and prepare them into becoming responsible citizens who can face challenges, rise to the opportunities placed before them and to become life long learners.

What inspires you each day?
I enjoy working with kids. I find that they are creative little thinkers, who are a joy to be around. I love seeing the excitement of when they have an “a ha!” moment or even better, when they diligently work through a task that may be initially difficult for them. The students at St. Wendelin continually inspire me to grow in my job so that I can help them grow.

How did you become interested in educational leadership?
When I was teaching I had a principal who saw leadership skills in me. She encouraged me to pursue administration and eventually I did. I am an alumnus of St. Wendelin, I taught at St. Wendelin, and now I am the principal of St. Wendelin. It is home for me!


Edward Kurt – Superintendent

Findlay City Schools
1100 Broad Ave., Findlay
419-427- 5488

What is your mission for Findlay City Schools?
Ultimately I want to make a difference in the lives of children, whether it’s in the classroom, as a coach, or from an administrative level. This is my 28th year in education, and nothing means more to me than speaking with former students who can reflect on a teacher who took the time to form a relationship and made a positive impact on their life. My goal for my own children and for the students in my district is to be productive citizens who have a passion for the career they choose.

What inspires you each day?
I enjoy going around the district and visiting classrooms. I regularly see teachers collaborating and communicating to make connections with students, which in turn helps the kids succeed. I am blessed to be a leader in a district where our teachers regularly go above and beyond for students and that inspires me.

How did you become interested in educational leadership?
I became a high school math teacher and coach fresh out of Ohio State in 1989. In 2001 I moved into administration as a dean of students and athletic director. From there I moved to the superintendent level.