Local Special Needs Support Group Reminds Families They are not Alone

. November 1, 2017.

Navigating the world of special needs can sometimes be confusing…and lonely. Connecting with other families and being able to easily find available resources can make a world of difference. Thankfully, there is a great group that covers Northwest Ohio right here in Findlay.

Special Needs Parent Support of NW Ohio, Inc. is a local, faith-based non-profit organization that is currently still in the process of establishing 501C3 status. Their mission is to follow Jesus’s example of meeting real needs, specifically for families blessed with special needs children.

The purpose of Special Needs Parent Support is to provide assistance and support for the needs of parents and families of special needs children including, but not limited to, providing resources and opportunities to assist them with their financial, social, recreational, physical, psychological, emotional and educational needs.

Antonia Faisant, Executive Director of Special Needs Parent Support said, “I am passionate about [our group] because I am a parent of a special needs child. I get it. I live it daily and I offer support based on my own personal experiences. It is very intentional and relevant.”\

Parent support group

Special Needs Parent Support offers a parent support group on the first Monday of every month at Trinity Lutheran Church, September through May. The meeting is from 6-8pm and childcare is provided (RSVP required for childcare). Dinner is provided from 6-6:30pm and the meeting time is from 6:30-8pm. They feature relevant topics, guest speakers and fun events. It’s also a great time to connect with other families.

Additionally, there is a playgroup in the summer months with a meal provided as well.

Practical help

Special Needs Parent Support helps in practical ways to help meet needs through giveaways such as: gas cards, grocery store cards and restaurant gift cards as well as miscellaneous themed giveaways, along with free meal nights and help provided to families on a case by case basis. They will also feature respite opportunities for families.

They are a great resource because they continue to grow despite many transitions.. They are currently in their 9th year of meeting. Sometimes meetings are just to hang out, talk, and to share meals. They plan to expand in all areas after receiving 501C3 status.

For more information visit

specialneedsparentsupport.blogspot.com and connect with the group on Facebook “Special Needs Parent Support, support group, (Findlay, Ohio).