The Tween Gift Giving Guide

. December 1, 2017.

Christmas is a time of celebration and family gatherings, a time when the whole family can come together and enjoy each other’s time. It’s also a time of giving, and many children look forward to this through the year: the coming of Santa and the holiday spirit, along with the Christmas music that floats through the year.

However, some parents may be at a loss as to what to get their tweens this holiday season.

Trends this year

Finding the perfect present for under the tree can be a challenge, and gift giving can either be extremely easy or really difficult, depending on the tween. Getting the perfect gift that’s both in fashion and not too young or too old can be a challenge, so Findlay Family compiled some ideas to help you with tween gift giving.

Technology-based gifts are always a hit: the big trends this year include fashionable headphones by Kate Spade, gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch and a new take on old school cameras with the Fujifilm Instax Camera.

Another hit with tweens is cute and unique school or bedroom gear. Trendy travel mugs by Vera Bradley, the spacious Jordan Top Loader backpack, and iPhone or Laptop cases like the Brik Books Build-On Macbook Cover from ThinkGeek are perfect for tweens.


The dreaded money request

When all else fails and tweens only want something specific, like money, it can also be hard to come up with creative ways to gift it to them.

“My son, Carl, would like either money or a gaming computer this Christmas,” said Sarah Fedirka, Findlay mom of two and an English professor at the University of Findlay. “If they want money, we try to give it to them in a way that they enjoy and that makes them work for it. Our family likes solving puzzles, so putting the money in things like puzzle cubes or boxes makes it a little more fun. And though they spend the same, crisp new bills are preferred to old ones.