Hancock Handlebars Bicycle Club

. July 31, 2014.

Ice Cream Rides

With the Hancock Handlebars Bicycle Club, kids can pump their little legs throughout a lively bike ride, laugh it up with family and friends, learn to safely ride the roads, and for the grand finale, savor a cone of cool, refreshing ice cream.

That’s the protocol for the Hancock Handlebar’s “family neighborhood ride,” an effort to get kids more involved. The club has been a staple in Findlay for more than 45 years and offers organized rides for adults and kids. Rides take place over varying distances, skill levels and times of day throughout the week whenever weather allows. Club leaders also teach safety and help members learn to take care of their bikes and adjust them to comfort.

HH President Paul Craun hopes renewed promotion of the neighborhood rides will catch on with kids and their families. “We want to emphasize that  we’re not just 25-mile-an-hour riders, we do have planned rides for slower paces and shorter distances,” Craun said. “Biking is something you can do all of your life and you can do it anywhere for the most part. It’s a great, healthy exercise and something you can do as a family.”

Also geared toward kids, HH partnered in May with the Findlay Police Department for a 3rd annual “bike rodeo” called Bikes, Books and Badges. During the rodeo, there was an obstacle course for kids, and officials checked bikes and helmets for proper adjustment and fit.

HH’s neighborhood rides are typically scheduled for Wednesday or Sunday evenings, with an appointed ride leader. The leader takes the group on a short, one to three mile ride, the length of which is determined by who shows up. During the ride, children are taught proper biking hand signals and how to safely navigate the road.

Neighborhood rides begin at Emory Adams Park and end at The Sweet Retreat. Craun also has ideas for additional safe rides near different ice cream shops. Longer, more intermediate rides are also available for older kids or beginner adults.

Yearly club membership is $20 for a family, $15 for a single adult and $8 for youth (16 and under). Hancock Handlebars is also the organizer of the 44th Annual Horizontal Hundred, a 100-mile ride on September 7. www.hancockhandlebars.org.