Special Kids Therapy Helps Fund Alternative Therapies

. February 1, 2016.

Finding services for special needs children can be a challenge and many special therapies aren't covered by insurance. Special Kids Therapy offers support to special needs children who may benefit from alternative therapies that can increase their quality of life such as: horseback riding, chiropractic services, massages, obtaining an iPad and more, helping families to receive aid through scholarships.

Additionally, Special Kids Therapy offers a sensory-friendly playroom that is open to the public and also hosts a variety of events for families including dances, holiday parties, activities and respite for parents, made possible by qualified volunteers. Their Out of the Box program lets families experience a variety of activities and therapies they might not otherwise be able to experience for just $50 for a 5 week session. They even allow siblings, because they recognize some children do better when they have their sibling(s) to support them.

The staff at Special Kids work hard to be sure all children in need receive funding for therapies they need. Occasionally, all applications can't be approved due to high demand and monetary assistance needed. Pending applications are automatically added to the next quarter so families don't have to resubmit for assistance.

The next Out of the Box session is Music Therapy and begins April 6. Applying early is encouraged.

1700 East Sandusky Street
419-422-5607 | specialkidstherapy.orgwww.facebook.com/SKTINC/