Thai House: A Findlay Gem

. October 1, 2015.

Thai House
124 E. Sandusky St., Findlay
Hours: Monday to Friday 11am-8pm
Takeout available


Kid-friendly: Yes
To avoid wait: Busiest between 11:30am-2:30pm. Consider ordering at an off-time. Takeout at Thai House is most popular.
Noise level: Quiet
Bathroom amenities: Clean and adequate
High Chairs: Yes
Got Milk: Yes
Kid’s menu?: There is no kids menu, but the staff will help you find something for your child to enjoy.
Food allergy concerns?: Let Cook and Owenr Bee McClain know, and she will let you know what dishes you should avoid.

Small and unassuming, you may have passed by Thai House restaurant countless times without so much as a glance. And so, I feel it is necessary to shout it out: Find it, and venture inside! Your tastebuds and wallet…will never want to leave.

In other words, when my family and I ate there recently, we (kids included) loved it. Thai House is a tiny place – we had to put two tables together to seat our family of four – but the food was wonderful and owner Bee McClain and the server, were incredibly helpful. Prices at the now 3-year-old restaurant are reasonable.

Knowing our kids’ preferences for chicken and fries, my husband and I were a bit nervous heading into Thai House. There is a bit of a language barrier, but McClain was so sweet, patiently explaining what she thought might work for the kids. She ended up putting together two low spice dishes for them to sample. And while I enjoy Thai food, I haven’t had it enough to have my preferences set, so my only concern was avoiding embarrassing levels of spice. (The line of too spicy is crossed when Sarah’s nose begins to drip throughout the meal…nobody wants that, and unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to encounter that problem.)

Specify your Spiciness 

Though I entered alert, there is no need to fear the spices at Thai House. Entrees are marked with one to three stars to coincide with spice level, and you can let your server know if you prefer the spice level to be dialed down or up.

We started with Thai Rolls, which are fried and made with chicken, onion, carrot, cabbage and bean thread. Both of the kids loved them, as did my husband and I. We also tried the Spring Rolls – lettuce, steamed rice, cilantro, carrot and chicken, and found them to be delicious. McClain was kind enough to bring us Crab Rangoon to sample as well, which is made of crab meat and cream cheese in a wonton wrapper. Creamy and crunchy and absolutely delicious!

After excitedly giving the Thai and Spring rolls an A+++++, my 10-year-old son declared, “I hope this place is reasonably priced so we can come here all the time!” He’s come to understand that eating out, especially at higher-priced locales, is a treat…but it made me laugh. The rules are truly set in his mind!

For the main course, the kids first tried Ginger Chicken with white rice, broccoli, green onion, carrot, mushroom, and ginger. My 6-year-old daughter thought the chicken was pretty good, but is working on flexibility and didn’t want to try more of the entree. My son however, was again thrilled. He loved everything about it.

The kids’ next entree was Pad See Ew, which is flat noodle, egg, broccoli, carrot, and onion with a sweet soy sauce. My daughter liked the noodles but stuck more with the white rice our server brought her, chicken pieces from the Ginger Chicken and the Thai Rolls. I was proud of her for sampling what she did and discovering something different she could enjoy. Again, my son gave it a try and, while he seemed to like the Ginger Chicken better, he enjoyed this dish as well.

My dish was Pad Ped Nor Mai, which was an entree listed on the chalkboard near us on the wall. I of course chose low spice, and it’s made with white rice, chicken, bamboo, basil leaf, carrot, mushroom, onion and red pepper with a chili-based sauce.I loved how the vegetables were soft enough yet had a bit of a crunch to them. The chicken and overall flavor was delicious – spicy enough to make it exciting but not enough to ignite the aforementioned nose issues.

My husband ordered Pad Thai, which is a rice noodle, with chicken, egg, carrot, green onion, bean sprouts and tamarind sauce. He felt the dish was great and remarked, “They did a nice job not putting on too much sauce, yet you can really taste the flavor. It’s nice that you can get it just how you want it.”

Extensive Menu

Thai House serves your classic canned soft drinks, but also Thai tea (hot or cold or with cream or not), coffee and even mango and coconut juice. In addition to their entrees and noodle offerings, salads, soups, house specialities, Thai fried rice dishes, and Thai curry options are available. Most entrees are $6.99. And I wish we would not have been too stuffed to try the crispy banana dessert!

Overall Thai House is a great find, one of those places that feels like an experience and a delicious meal. My husband, who travels quite a bit, felt like we were in a large city, lucky to find a spot in a little “hit with the locals” kind of place, “This does not feel like Findlay – it’s surprising, very cool,” he said.

Next time you’re on Sandusky Street, look alive and keep your eyes peeled. Thai House is there waiting to be discovered!