What I’ve learned

What I’ve learned
Findlay moms weigh in with advice for new moms

By Nadine Akra




Michelle Hensel, Findlay Mother of Cara, 20, and Lauren, 14
“I am truly blessed to have two wonderful daughters. As soon as I gave birth, all the pain, fear and insecurity vanished. Each day after that, you will grow to love them even more. I thank the Lord for granting me this privilege of being their mother.”




Dina Alammar, Findlay Mother of Layelle, 6, Adam (not pictured), 4, Zach (not pictured), 2, and Ryan, 7 months
“With all the information there is available about having kids, it can drive you crazy. The best way to raise your child is by giving them lots of love. Parenting techniques will vary depending on you and your child and that’s okay. You know yourself and your child better than anyone else. Each baby is given to you as a gift to protect and cherish and shape into a member of an ever-growing, changing world.”




Nada Jordan, Findlay Mother of Michael, 31, and George, 28
“I remember being scared when I had my first baby but always know that, if you rely on God, everything will be okay. That’s what helped me at the time. I prayed that I would be good at this next chapter of my life and I would know how to be a good mom. When I held my boys for the first time, those moments are the biggest joy of my life. I always gave them my time and love. The most important thing you can do with your kids is love them unconditionally. ”




Emily Braithwaite, Findlay Mother of Oliver, 1
“I had an easy pregnancy overall, but something I appreciated so much was having my family to go to when I had questions about anything. I come from a big family and both of my older sisters already have children so I was used to being around kids. That is important during an experience like pregnancy. Having someone you trust to answer questions makes a big difference.”





Mia Otto, Findlay Mother of Blayze, 1
“From the moment I found out I was going to be a mother, I have grown on so many levels. My baby is one year old now and I’m still learning every day. Bringing a life into this world really made me
realize the beauty of life and the beauty of a mother carrying her child for nine months. It’s an amazing feeling knowing a little person is relying on you to teach and mold and love them from the moment they are born. I never knew I could have so much pure love for someone and it is the most amazing feeling in the world.”