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Keeping fit during pregnancy

By Nadine Akra


Exercising during pregnancy has been found to have profound health benefits for both baby and mom. Unlike before, experts are encouraging pregnant women to be active, thanks to research that has proven the advantages of moving more, rather than less. Most women can continue doing the same exercises they were doing prior to pregnancy. The important thing to remember is to find a happy medium. Mommies-to-be should not turn into a couch potato for nine months, nor should they be training for the Olympics! Finding something that feels comfortable for your body and baby is the best way to go. Exercises like prenatal yoga build strength, help relieve aches, teach balance, open hips for childbirth, relieve anxiety and build a bond with your baby. What mommy doesn’t want that? We talked to Melinda Williams, owner of Open Circle Yoga in Findlay, to get the details! Namaste!
(Open Circle Yoga, 200 West Lima St, 419-427-9642,

“Along with the physical and mental advantages, prenatal yoga builds a sense of community because we have other pregnant women to connect with. It involves a lot of strengthening and stretching, but we do very gentle practices. We also include maternal vibration sounds which are part of a visualization exercise and sort of meditation. As we inhale, draw in all things positive, healthy and nurturing. And as we exhale, we release tension, stress and worry. It includes the body, mind and heart, making it a very well-balanced practice.”

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