A chance to visit SpongeBob and find Nemo?

. October 16, 2012.

Ever wonder what it’s like under the sea?  No, not the animated version with pineapple houses and talking clown fish, but the real thing? There’s a chance to find out, and you can even train for the experience in northwest Ohio!

Beginning Sunday, March 6 and continuing for seven weeks, the Findlay YMCA is offering SCUBA diving classes taught by a certified SSI SCUBA instructor.  The classes are open to anyone 12 years and older (by the completion of the class) and graduates will receive their SSI Open Water Certification after checkout dives. Cost for the entire course is $395 and includes classroom instruction, lectures, manual, videos, use of SCUBA equipment (except for wet boots) and checkout dives, if done with the Y instructor.

The Y is even offering an opportunity to see if you and SCUBA are compatible before making the “dive” into the full program. Consider, “I Tried SCUBA” a one-time class held the first week of the session. Cost of this class only is $50 and can be applied to the full program cost if you decide to sign up. 

Registration forms are available at the Findlay YMCA, down-town branch.  Students will be required to purchase their own mask, fins, snorkel and wet boots during the course. If purchased through the instructor there is a 10-15% discount on big tick-et items. For more information, call the Y at 419-422-4424.