A new state of mind

. October 23, 2012.

Looking for a place that connects all abilities with a passion for art? Visit the Kan Du Studio on South Main. The studio, an extension of Blanchard Valley Industries, allows all artists to create pieces of art in mediums ranging from quilted stars to jewelry. “We’ve been in business for the past four years,” said Regina Stewart, Studio Manager. “It’s been very important to us to foster a creativity with our artists and connect them with the community. We’re very community oriented.” Most of Kan Du’s art is collaborative offering its artists an opportunity to work on a variety of projects. “It’s a state of mind, when a person (including those with disabilities) realizes they ‘Kan Du’ anything they set out to do, it changes their whole sense of being. Kan Du means there are blue skies ahead and the possibilities are endless.” 329 S. Main St.
419-581-0254. www.kandustudio.org.