A Sip of Heaven

. December 29, 2014.

After years of dreaming about such a venture, Beth Druschel made it come to life. In November, she opened The Cracked Pot’s Tea Shop. “Life is too short and people try to fit so much in. Sometimes you need to just sit down, gather yourself and breathe.” Druschel brews two types of tea per day to sell by the cup or pot. Patrons are urged to relax and enjoy the shop, but if you need one, bring a “to go” cup. Druschel carries 35 teas now, which will vary seasonally and are available for purchase to brew at home. She also offers “goodies” such as chocolate cake, cheesecakes, mousse and brownies. The shop, decorated in relaxing blue, white and gray tones, seats 15 guests. There is also free Wi-Fi, with four workstations for laptops. Isle of Candles soy lotion, fragrance-free candles and warmers as well as tea pots, cups and other tea accessories can be purchased. 

221 Broadway St., Findlay. Winter Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am to 6pm; Wednesday Noon to 6pm.  567-525-3141. Find them on Facebook under “The Cracked Pot’s Tea Shop” and watch for the teas of the day and specials.