A Time to Wonder: Godly Play at First Presbyterian Church

. January 1, 2018.

Kids wonder about everything and at First Presbyterian Church (FPC) children are invited to wonder about God through a program called Godly Play. This Montessori-based approach encourages children to explore faith through Bible stories and play. “Godly Play lets go of the idea that we need to dumb things down for children. It acknowledges their ability and perhaps even their gift for knowing how the sacred is moving in our world,” explains Jessie Myers, both a mother to young children and associate pastor at FPC.

Congregation members— all trained in the Godly Play approach— serve as storytellers, using simple, carved wooden figures and felt pieces. Storytellers pause regularly, giving the children time to reflect, wonder and become absorbed in the story. Children also sing, complete crafts and enjoy a (nut/dairy/gluten/egg-free) snack.

For more information, visit findlayfpc.org or contact Nicole Cramer, coordinator of Children’s Faith Formation at Nicole@findlayfpc.org.