Longer Summer Break For Local School Children

. May 31, 2019.
summer break

Local school children will enjoy longer summer breaks starting this summer! County school administrators have worked together to make school calendar adjustments. The goal is to achieve an ‘after Labor Day’ start and ‘prior to Memorial Day’ end date, according to Findlay City Schools Superintendent Edward Kurt. Findlay City Schools won’t be starting back after Labor Day just yet, however. For calendar year 2019-20, the start date will be Wednesday, August 28, 2019 and end date Thursday, May 21, 2020. Kurt said county school calendars don’t completely match these dates, but come close. Students at Liberty-Benton, McComb, Van Buren, Corey Rawson, Arlington, Arcadia won’t start back to school until after Labor Day, September 3, 2019, for the coming year. “To do this we have reduced the breaks within the school year,” Kurt explained.